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I Lowered My Triglycerides by Over 100 Points!


In wrapping up our week of no excuses, I’m going a bit off personal finance today to talk about health. You could argue that health is heavily related to finance because unhealthy people generally pay more for doctor visits, medications, and insurance premiums. You might remember that I’ve been having a bit of a struggle with my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. I’ve been steadily improving, but decided to kick it up a few notches before getting blood work done last month. I almost hit the floor when I got my results and found that I had lowered my triglycerides by over 100 points! I Was Using Excuses My cholesterol has always been borderline if you look at the numbers. At first I used the excuse that it was genetic. I can’t help that my family tree has a branch growing  high cholesterol and triglycerides. After all, I exercise almost every day and don’t eat that bad. Aren’t I doing better than most people? If I’d stuck to that theory, I probably would have seen my levels increase yearly until I had to go on medication. My doctor wasn’t ready to do that last year, and we both agreed that I’d work ...

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