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5 Great Halloween Costumes for Under $5


We shopped for a Halloween costume for our daughter on Ebay this year. It was a net gain because we sold last year’s costume for more than the new one cost. I was really amazed at how much people were paying for some of the more elaborate costumes. There were some that were selling for $70 to $100, which seems crazy for one day of wear, but to each his own. If you don’t want to spend that much for Halloween costumes, you can always make one on your own. I am not crafty, and I can barely sew on a missing button, so these are all costumes that don’t require much in the way of skills. This is my list of top five Halloween costumes that can be made for under $5.  1)Bunch of Grapes. I absolutely love this one and have done it for myself and for our former dog. You get a long T-shirt or sweatshirt, preferably in purple or green, but black or even white will do. Next get a package of purple or green balloons, whichever grape color you prefer. Blow up the balloons and use a safety pin to fasten them to the t-shirt ...

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