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10 Productive Things To Do INSTEAD Of Watching The Super Bowl

Football Stadium

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend, and many of us will be eating crappy delicious food, watching commercials that cost millions of dollars to air, and cheering for the team of lesser evil in our books. I sometimes wonder if all the Super Bowl hype is a waste. If we could take all the money generated from watching a group of adult men in tights play a game for a few hours and put it into something like scholarships or feeding the hungry, wouldn’t that be more worthwhile? I guess we’re all entitled to a little fun, and we will likely watch the game if Jim can control his emotions while watching his beloved Broncos in the big bowl for the first time since John Elway was at the helm. If you are not one of the roughly 110 million people in the US who will be watching the game, here are some ideas for productive things to do with your time. 1) Work On Your Side Hustle- What are you doing to earn some extra income this month? Some great ideas are babysitting for people who are throwing or attending a Super Bowl party, hiring on as a delivery driver ...

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