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How To Dispute a Medical Bill

making sure medical bills are correct and how to dispute them if necessary

With the Affordable Care Act came many changes to covered medical services and access to care. While there are a million different opinions about the ACA or Obamacare, I think we can all agree that health care has not gotten any easier to understand. I work in health care and get surprised almost every week by some new twist in insurance billing and coverage. It’s important as a consumer to understand your insurance policy and know how to dispute a medical bill if errors were made. I got a refresher course recently when I had a doctor visit billed incorrectly, so I though I’d share my experience. What Is Covered with the ACA? If you have an ACA compliant plan (if you don’t, it probably got cancelled), there are several medical services that are covered without copays, co-insurance, or deductibles if you use a network provider. This applies to any policy, regardless of deductible. Some of these include: An Annual Physical- Includes screening tests appropriate for your age and risk factors, like mammograms, PSA tests, or diabetes and high blood pressure screenings. Immunizations Well Child Visits You can read the entire list at Healthcare.gov My “Free” Physical I went for ...

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