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Discounts You Might Be Missing

If you are reading this, you are probably either one of my employees or someone who likes to save money. Kyle has been doing a wonderful job here of sharing discounts, but here are some money saving options you might be eligible for but don’t know about. Cell Phones If you’re like me and live in a place where no contract phone service just doesn’t work, you might be shelling out a ton of money for your cell phone. When we recently switched to smartphones, I searched the two local carriers websites to see if there was a discount to be had. I found out that you can get discounts if you have a government email address, which I do for my work on the reservation. I also found out that Jim’s school district employees get 10% off their entire bill each month. If you work for any sort of large employer, it’s worth looking into. HR never mentioned discounts to either of us. Hotel Stays I decided to attend a continuing education meeting this weekend in  a town that’s 3 hours away. All the hotel rates were $140 or more a night, even for somewhere like La Quinta. Knowing ...

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