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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #8

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my new Canadian friends. Happy October 6th to everyone else. We should celebrate every day, right? I’m looking forward to another fall weekend. I plan on getting the Halloween decorations out today and maybe another hike in the mountains before the snow gets here. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.A favorite of mine on other blogs is a listing of funny search terms. I’m starting to get a few and though I’d share as well. eyes on the dollar grocery game-That’s on Canadian Budget Binder, but nice try. used to wearing glasses-I am, but don’t write about it, sorry. 50 dollar renovation desater- If you only had $50, it would be a desater! graceland elvis-I love Elvis, but he’s left the building. where are the four eyeballs on the dollar-You’ll only find one here how dumb is it to buy clothes on a credit card-Pretty dumb if you can’t pay it off glasses huge eyes-Glasses won’t help that funny photos about people in thick glasses-Oh, don’t make fun of the people with bad glasses. pictures that make your eyes go funny-I’m seeing a theme Mentions Beginning of October 2012 Favorite Blog Posts at Modest Money What ...

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