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My 12 Days of Christmas

christmas card

      I’d like to wish everyone out there a very Happy Holiday Season. I have an awesome guest post coming Monday, but I’ll be taking a break until January 6th! I hope everyone gets everything they want this year. If I could get anything I wanted from my true love for the 12 days of Christmas, this would be the list: Kim’s 12 Days of Christmas 1)Laptop batteries that never die of Christmas 2)The energy of a six year old 3)To know what happened to all the socks the dryer has hidden over the years 4)Cookies that taste awesome while fulfilling two servings of vegetables and without calories 5)An extra hour in the day 6)Smoke detectors that only start beeping for new batteries during daylight hours 7)No checks in the express lane 8)Naturally curly hair 9)A law making valet parking illegal 10)A visit from Ed McMahon (if he’s still alive) 11)A rule that says you are not a redneck if you keep your Christmas lights up until spring 12)100 more seasons of Breaking Bad Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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