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Get Kids Excited About Investing

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Kids all have their own personalities, but most of the time, they follow what they know. That means if parents yell, scream, and create drama, so do kids. If parents are laid back and open minded, their kids generally see the world with a broader view. While, you can change behaviors as an adult, its much easier to imbed good habits at an early age. In our house, financial literacy is one of the habits we’re trying to cement during the formative years. It’s important to teach kids about wants vs needs, plus how to spend and save responsibly. Recently, we’ve found that its also easy to get kids excited about investing! An Easy, Cheap Way Kids Can Invest in Stocks I am a big fan of some of the new types of brokerages that make investing less expensive and easy to understand. With Motif Investing, I think we’ve found the medium where small time investors can buy stocks without losing a big chunk of money to fees. With Motif, you can choose up to 30 stocks in a pre-selected bundle called a Motif, or you can build your own. The minimum buy in is only $250, and each trade ...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts That Keep On Giving

Valentine's gifts that make money

As I was driving home one day this week, Rick Dees was talking about Valentine’s Day statistics on the radio. Of course, the one that caught my attention was that the average person spends $142 on their Valentine. While a Benjamin and a half might not seem like a ton of money for that special someone, it’s not chump change. Multiply that by two for a couple, and we’re approaching $300. I don’t know about you, but if my family is going to be out almost $300 for Valentine’s Day, we don’t want flowers that die, candy that makes us fat, or dinner that will eventually end up in our septic tank. If I’m spending money on February 14th, it will be for a Valentine’s Day Gift that keeps on giving!  A Gift That Saves Money Ironically, we got our annual renewal bill for our safe deposit box this week. Happy Valentine’s Day, and we’re deducting $75 from your checking account! I’m not sure why we need a locked box at the bank. We don’t have any valuables in there. It’s mostly insurance and real estate papers along with passports and a couple of car titles. Sadly, it’s one of ...

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