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9 Important Facts About Network Security

protecting your business network security

Network security is essential for all networks-whether it is a simple network used by a small business that serves a local community or a gargantuan network used by a third-party logistics firm that serves multinational companies. Although, this is a big, complex theme, which this makes it almost impossible to fully grasp, it is possible to get an overview of what it is, how it works, and why it is integral to the success of any enterprise. One way to do this is by reviewing a selection of frequently asked questions. Here, then, are 9 questions about network security that you may have always wanted to know but may have been too afraid to ask: 1.What Is Network Security? Network security is any activity that has been designed to secure a network. When analyzing the security features of a network, network administrators focus on the integrity, reliability, and usability of a network. Flaws in any of these three key functions of a network could leave it vulnerable to threats coming into the network and spreading through it. As Trend Micro suggests, the most efficient network security measures can be deployed in real time so that threats don’t get the chance ...

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