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What Do I Miss From My Days of Spending Too Much Money?

If you are on the road to debt freedom or financial independence, are you happy for friends and family when they purchase something new, fancy, and/or expensive, or does it make you cringe a little bit?  Do we feel a bit smug knowing that we are on the better path, or are we really just jealous because we don’t have new jeans from Macy’s with rhinestones on the back pockets? Are we even on the better path? I’ve heard many arguments about why it’s better to spend money when you make it. You could die tomorrow without enjoying things like the new car you wanted or those aforementioned rhinestone jeans. It’s an argument I’ve had with myself, and recently, I tried to remember what things I miss from my days of spending too much money.

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Reasons to Love Your Used Car

  If you don’t watch TV, turn on a computer, or listen to the radio, you might be immune, but for the rest of us, the end of the year comes with tons of  new car advertisements. This time of the year, to meet their quotas and pile in the 2013 models, every car manufacturer is trying to sell you a new vehicle. From zero percent interest, to cash back incentives, to celebrity spokepersons, after you see the adds, you might think you need one. Heck, even Suze Orman, personal finance guru and dealer of the “Suze smackdown” is hawking new Acuras this season. Before you start thinking this is such a good deal, remember these reasons to love your used car.   You Owe Less on a Used Car- Even if it isn’t paid off, you probably owe less on your current car than you would on a new one. We played musical cars for a while. Every three or four years, we traded in for a new model, insuring an ongoing car payment. The vehicles we have now have been paid off for a few years, and no amount of advertising or memory of  new car scent makes me want another ...

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