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Peyton Manning, Omaha: Hurry Hurry, Buy It Today!


    If you follow American football at all, you know that the big game is coming up soon. If you are a fan of Denver or Seattle, congratulations! Since we live in Colorado, I would have to say that the whole state seems to have Bronco fever, and Peyton Manning might be more popular than legal marijuana right now. In fact, Omaha might be loving Peyton as well. I’ve never been to Omaha, and I’m sure it’s a nice city. John from Frugal Rules lives there, along with Warren Buffett, but I don’t ever recall it getting so much press as over these past few weeks. In case you aren’t aware, Peyton Manning yells out a string of play calls before each down. It usually consists of something like this: 89, 24, 42, blue, hurry, hurry, Omaha, hike! Frontier Airlines, a low cost carrier with a hub in Denver, is even offering a $48 fare from Denver to Omaha. I guess this city must offer some clue to the Broncos success, so you better hop on a plane and visit! I think even the 90′s band, Counting Crows, must love Peyton because their song titled aptly enough, “Omaha“, has ...

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