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Dreaming About A Red Corvette Convertible?

Dreams about red Corvette convertibles

I honestly don’t remember having very many dreams in recent years. However, recently I had the most vibrant and realistic dream. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but I was incredibly relieved when I woke up because in my dream, I did something that was completely financially crazy. Why on earth did I buy a little, red Corvette convertible in my sleep? Talk About Crazy Spending In my dream, I was driving around in my trusty Altima and stopped into a car dealership on a whim. I distinctly remember seeing a red Corvette convertible on the show room floor, and I bought it without even a test drive. I remember writing a check for $27,000 and taking it home. When I got home, I realized that it was only a two seater, and we have a family of three. I decided to take it back the next day. I also remember thinking about how on earth I was going to blog about this because there is no way in Hell I could justify it to my readers. The dealership wouldn’t let me return it because the salesman had gone on vacation. I guess it was the commssion from my Corvette ...

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