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Online Eye Exams: Money Saving or a Bad Idea?

glasses prescriptions from your computer

How many people think it’s too expensive to go the the eye doctor? How many people don’t have time to go see the eye doctor? How many people would rather have their fingernails peeled off than have to get eye drops? If you answered yes to one of these questions, Opternative might be for you. Opternative is new online eye exam done exclusively from your computer or smart phone. The fee is only $35 and that gives you a real prescription for eyeglasses. It could be available as soon as summer 2014. Sounds great, but is an online eye exam a good idea? Limitations of Getting Your Eyes Checked Online It appears that for now, Opternative is only available for people ages 18- 40 who have no history of diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, neurologic issues, or other health concerns that might affect eyes. While their website does not specifically say it, limiting the age means it is only for people who don’t need bifocals or reading glasses that become necessary when presbyopia happens (can’t see up close or arms are too short). The information on the website is pretty vague, but it appears to do the exam, you look ...

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