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Fevered Observations

Lady with a cold

I’ve spent the past 72 hours on the couch with a fever over 100 degrees with what I can only guess is the flu, even though I was a goody two shoes and got my flu shot. I’m feeling much better but still can’t seem to put several coherent thoughts together, so we’ll skip personal finance today and look at some weird observations that seem to only happen when  you’re sick. -Little things seem so hard. I really, really wanted ice water when I was sick, but somehow putting both water and ice in the glass was just too hard. Luckily, Jim rescued me with a continuous supply of ice water. Reason enough to get married! -You get upset really easily. When my jacket zipper got stuck, it almost sent me into meltdown mode until I realized that I could take it off like a shirt. -Food is weird. Why do saltine crackers and orange sherbet only seem appealing when you’re sick? -You want to eat crap when your appetite comes back. My appetite came back yesterday, and all I could think about were Hot Pockets and Sonic cheeseburgers. Maybe sherbet messes with your pallet? -You’re kids get more needy. Normally, ...

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