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Eyes On The Dollar 20/20 Roundup#34-Being Normal

With tragic events happening, like those this week in Boston,it’s hard to go about my normal routine without seeming callous or pointless. I really feel like I should be doing something meaningful, but in a way maybe going about my routine is meaningful? Life goes on, whether evil people do bad things or not, so maybe the way to win is to appreciate each day, but not to let things beyond our control take take too much away from our normal everyday lives. Regardless, my thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this week, and I hope they can find a way to find hope and peace. In some lighter and happier news, Jim did get the new job he interviewed for earlier this week. It will be a 57% increase in salary but a 100% decrease in job security. Can’t have everything right? We are very excited for this new chapter in our lives. This week also marked a huge milestone in our journey to financial independence as we paid off all of our student loans. Jim’s payment has varied over the years, but I’ve been sending $302/month for almost 13 years, and while it was hard ...

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