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How Should People In Their 40’s Invest?

how should 40 year old's invest

If all goes according to plan, as of this afternoon, we will be the proud owners of a new rental property. It’s been a crazy half decade here in the Eyes on the Dollar household. We’ve gone from huge amounts of consumer debt,  to selling a business, to becoming landlords. In all honestly, if 2015 could be the same as 2014, I’d be happy with that, but I never assume things will go the same. It seems the only constant you can count on is change! As 2014 comes to a close, I thought I’d look at the next  year and the next few years and seek out some opinions on where we should go from here. When in doubt, ask someone else! How Should People In Their 40’s Invest? If we were 23 years old,  just starting out with few assets, it would be a no brainer to say max out the 401k, invest in a Roth, or save up for a down payment on a house. As you get older, there are many more  variables. Here is a breakdown of what we’re doing now. Remember we’re old! We are both in our 40’s and hope to retire in ...

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