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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup # 33- Taxes are Paid!

I mailed off a pretty good chunk of money to Uncle Sam and the state of Colorado yesterday to pay my taxes and quarterly estimates. At this point, I can look at the end of the year report from my practice and ball park how much I’m going to owe, but I wasn’t sure how all the new investment property expenses would figure in. Luckily, I was spot on with how much I had saved up, so there won’t have to be any robbing Peter to pay Paul this year. I’ve had people tell me it’s a great sign when you owe taxes, because it means you’ve made money. I see the reasoning in that, but it’s never fun to make the payment. Maybe I’ll be funding a study in grasshopper wings or buying Joe Biden a new tie or something. On the family front, soccer season started this week. My daughter kicked the ball into the goal for the first time! Unfortunately, it was in the other team’s goal, but way to get in there with the boys and be aggressive!

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