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20/20 Posts of the Week- Dark Ages Edition

It was an interesting week here as our internet went down on Tuesday and was down for over 24 hours. The outage affected the entire area. I tried the library and even McDonald’s without luck. Speedy technical repair is not a perk of living in a small town. Even after everyone was back online, our house was not. After two hours on the phone with technical support, (They actually suggested that I check their website for troubleshooting tips) we got it up and running again. I have to give a big shout out to my good friend John at Frugal Rules. He might rant and rave sometimes, but he really helped me out with some scheduling stuff that I needed to do before the internet came back. Without the web and no TV, I read a little and went to bed at 9:00. A good eight hours of sleep does a body good. In other news, the weather is fantastic right now. We got to do the Petroglyph Point hike in Mesa Verde National Park last weekend, and we have a camping trip coming up at the end of next week. I’m determined to squeeze every moment I can out ...

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