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Taking Banking for Granted

  We tend to take banking rather for granted these days. In fact there are very few people who don’t carry at least one debit card or credit card around with them in their wallets or purses at any given moment. It’s almost unthinkable nowadays. It’s the same when applying for mortgages or personal loans. We almost always expect a favorable outcome, don’t we? It’s strange, even illogical. Just because we have access to banking with all the bells and whistles imaginable attached, we tend to think the same applies everywhere, in every country. We never stop to really think about it. Let’s take Egypt, for example, famous for pyramids, pharaohs, the River Nile, Tutankhamen, Cleopatra – the list could go on and on but you get the drift. You’re probably aware that Egypt is going through some political and economic problems at the moment, but we won’t be looking at that. It’s all been, not to mention being, covered, ad nauseum, by the international media. In fact, a few days ago, Egypt’s tourism minister, Hesham Zaazou, was pretty dismissive of the coverage while announcing a huge rise in tourist numbers. Although not quite approaching the 2010 pre-revolution zenith of ...

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