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Friday Rant: Taxes Suck

rant about paying taxes

I confess that I was really nervous about our taxes this year. I think I’m pretty smart. I went to school for a long time and have lots of diplomas and certificates hanging on my wall, but I honestly never have a clue about our taxes. Added to that is another of my irrational fears (along with birds and foods that turn from liquids to solids at room temperature) of being the subject of an IRS audit. I’m not being lazy about learning to use do it yourself software like Turbo Tax. Our taxes are really hard! We have income and expenses from all sorts of things, especially this year. Normal W2 income 1099 income Stocks and dividends Business income and expenses for an 8 employee business that also gets extra credits for certain health care and ADA laws Commercial and residential rentals Selling a satellite office as an asset sale and then my main practice as a stock sale Non 1099 or W2 income from online ventures Selling our flip house Taxes suck. I’d rather eat gravy in a bird cage than read IRS regulations. It would take me 5,000 hours to try and understand it all, so that’s ...

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