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How to Manage Remote Workforce with Video Conferencing

working remotely to promote efficiency

Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular among workers that want to enjoy flexibility and dynamic employment opportunities. Many companies are already embracing this new possibility because of the advantages it provides—access to a global talent pool and limited cost per hire. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 3.3 million people in the US (apart from self-employed individuals) consider their home as the primary place of doing work. These people represent 2.6 percent of the US workforce. Telework has increased by nearly 80 percent since 2005, and while the size of the workforce has decreased, telecommuting is on the rise. In addition, 2.8 million people work from home as self-employed professionals. These people are either freelancers or they join teams for specific project execution. The number of people enjoying such possibilities is growing all the time, which is shaking traditional employment models. Is your company considering the recruitment of remote employees? If so, you’ll have to find new methods of management and communication. Video conferencing opportunities like the ones provided by Blue Jeans Network deliver new options that should go hand in hand with the recruitment revolution.  Establish Rules, Build Trust Nearly 80 percent of workers consider telecommuting to be a great bonus. ...

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