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Top Five Ways To Make Sure You Never Retire Early

    Although I used to work like a fiend at my day job, I switched to part time hours a little over a year ago. This past week, I found myself working five of seven days in the office. By Wednesday, I was already begging for Friday, and I felt like I was just phoning it home those last couple of days. I can’t wait until the day when I can pick and choose when I work because we have no debt and living expenses are low. Heck, I might even retire completely and open up a taco stand. I haven’t always had such ambitious dreams. I used to be the authority on money moronism because I have made every mistake on the list. Here are five sure fire ways to make sure you will never retire early.  Don’t Max Out Your Retirement Plan When I got my first real job, it was after working as a resident for $25,000 a year. I felt pretty posh on my $25K because I had minimal expenses. If I had continued to live on $25K per year or even if I’d increased my living expenses but maxed out my retirement plan, I ...

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