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Retirement Planning Made Simple

making a retirement plan

Joe Foley is personal finance blogger and the author of ‘We Got Outta Debt’, the story of how his family paid off $68,000 in a little over 3 years. His new book, “Retirement for the Ages” is due out in December. A h the Golden Years. If you’ve saved well, they truly can be Golden, if not so well…. maybe a Silver or Bronze is in your future. Some aspects of how much you save is out of your control. The recession of 2008-09 hit retirement account hard. An AARP survey from 2011 stated that from 2008-2011: 25% of Americans 50 and older emptied their retirement savings 29% claimed their retirements early due to unemployment Many more retirees are carrying debt into retirement While the cause of this is not in your control, preparing for retirement earlier in life definitely puts you in a better place in case any of these events take place. Planning for a recession is a bit extreme, however planning for unemployment and reducing debt are things directly in your control. How do you do this? Follow Grandma’s basics. Create a budget. Just because the US Government doesn’t have one, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. A Budget, or ...

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