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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #42- Home and Gone Again

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July whether you celebrate Independence Day or not. We’ve had tons going on here. Jim and I finally made it back from San Diego after our car broke down on the way home. You’ll be hearing more about that soon! We did get to visit the San Diego County Fair and had some really good, but unhealthy food. Nothing like the bacon donut, but it wasn’t organic veggies for sure. I competed in a triathlon on Thursday. I guess you could say I finished more than competed. This year it was divided into two divisions, an easier one for recreational athletes and a longer competitive division. For some reason, I chose the longer one. I guess it was to challenge myself a bit more. It still wasn’t that long in the whole scheme of triathlons, but it certainly was long enough for me. I actually did get 5th place in the women’s division, but there were only 5 entrants, so I’m not sure that’s much to be proud of. Anyway, I’m glad I did it. We are leaving town again Tuesday morning for our much awaited trip to the Pacific Northwest. I’ll ...

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #41: San Diego Here We Come

We’ve been completely busy with bike riding, swim lessons, and summer reading programs, and I love it. I love having so much time to actually enjoy the summer instead of being in the office all day. If you hate your job or work too much, make it a goal to find more time off by next summer. I know you can do it! Jim and I get to take a trip by ourselves to San Diego this week. It’s the American Optometric Association’s Annual Convention, and I’m super excited that Grandma is coming to stay with the kiddo. We love, love, love San Diego. I’ve also learned that some of my old friends from optometry school will be there. It should be a great time. I won’t be around much next week, but if you are enjoying yourself for the summer anyway, maybe you won’t miss me. Carnivals Carnival of Financial Independence, 16th Edition Mentions Budget and the Beach, The Frugal Farmer, Money Smart Guides,  and Canadian Budget Binder Please let me know if I missed anyone. Fun Search Terms Compacting Diapers- Eww! Finance money can help you make budget- It’s better to budget before you finance anything! how to move ...

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Fun, Fabulous, Free Things To Do in My Favorite Vacation Cities

  When you look at needs versus wants, travel probably fits into the latter category. You won’t starve, freeze to death, or stop breathing if you can’t take a vacation. I do believe it is important to see the world in whatever capacity is possible for your situation. I always need to have some sort of trip planned, even if it is only a camping trip a couple of hours away. It makes the hectic and often motonous routine of daily life more fun knowing a break is in sight. Transportation and lodging cost money in most cases, but you can find tons of free things to do in some great cities. While I am no world class traveler, these are some fun, fabulous, free things to do in my favorite vacation cities. San Diego We’ve been to San Diego several times. It is within a day’s drive from where we live, and has great beaches, which are always free. Some of my favorites in the area include: La Jolla Shores-This is an amazing area with ocean cliffs, a swim beach, and the harbor seals. If you’ve never seen a seal that wasn’t in the zoo or at Sea World, this is a must for ...

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