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Friday Fun Facts

I know! Scary, right?

I know! Scary, right?

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Since I’m still having a blast in sunny San Diego, I thought I’d give you a break from finance today and share some funny facts about myself.

-If I could have only one food for the rest of my life, it would be home grown, garden tomatoes. I would never get tired of them.

-I’ve wanted to be an optometrist since 5th grade. Before that, I wanted to be an artist, but I realized that I have absolutely zero artistic talent.

-I’ve always had eclectic taste in music. In third grade, I got a turn table record player and two albums: Kiss Dynasty and Snoopy and the Red Baron

-My first airplane ride was when I was 17 years old after I won a trip to Washington DC for an essay I wrote about rural electric co-ops.

-I’ve never plucked my eyebrows.

-I can remember when people used to rake their carpets.

-I’m from Kentucky, but am scared to death of horses.

-I once owned a pair of leather pants.

-I’ve been to Mardi Gras. Once was enough.

-I believe yellow cars are bad luck.

-I’ve been certified to scuba dive, but have never done an ocean dive. Moving to Colorado sort of killed that one.

-I’m not really a fan of most country music, but I used to go line dancing almost weekly when I lived in Memphis. Thank God there is no video of those days!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

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About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. I will piggyback on yours and say that my first airplane flight was when I was 18. It was on a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico, and I met my wife on that trip.

  2. That’s cool you wanted to be an optometrist since the 5th grade. I think I wanted to play football at that stage. I’ll do a takeoff on your country dancing. I normally abhor country music, but I would go country dancing 2-3 times per week while in college. No line dancing though – two step and country swing. What can I say…I went to college in Kansas. 😉

  3. Love these! My friend had that shaggy carpet growing up and I LOVED going over to her house to rake the carpet! When I was little I wanted to be an actress. I told my mom in the car once that I wanted to be on The Brady Bunch. She was like, “sure Tonya.” I probably would have pursed it if I was put in dance or theater when I was younger and also wasn’t so shy and had no self-confidence in school.

  4. I may old chronologically, but I act much (20-30 years)younger!

  5. whenever i go out with my friend i never drink too much.I always start drink and react like i am over because all of my friend are heavy drunker and at the end i have to left them at there place..but they never realize that i have helped them……It’s little dramatic but i have to do this…;)

  6. Wow, wanting to be an optometrist in 5th grade? That’s impressive! I’m pretty sure I wanted to be a professional soccer player back then. I don’t even think I knew what an optometrist was!

  7. I don’t like tomatoes, so I hope we can still be friends. 🙂 It always surprises people because I’m such a big veggie and fruit lover, but something about tomatoes … although I’ll eat ketchup and spaghetti sauce. Just not fresh tomatoes! Enjoy San Diego – it’s a gorgeous city!

    • We are enjoying and I can’t make myself not want to move here. My husband will not touch a tomato, and I married him, so I guess you’re OK!

  8. Yum, garden tomatoes! With a bit of salt and some nice bread I don’t think I could get bored either.
    Last on the list would be sheep testicles, we had that a few month back at BF’s ranch and it looked like a local delicacy, one was enough, thank you.

  9. I considered optometry in high school before going off to college. I spent a couple of days shadowing one in our hometown. Can’t remember why I didn’t follow through with that…I think I would have enjoyed it.

  10. If I could eat any food for the rest of my life, it would be quiche. I love it and can’t get enough, but I would probably die after a few years because they are not that good for you after a while.

  11. I remember my grandmother having carpet so shaggy that you might actually disappear if you happened to fall in it. I remember it being something that I loved about the house.

  12. That’s an interesting list, thanks for sharing. Something people don’t know about me is that I loved surfing and was always at the beach.

  13. I had forgotten about the song Snoopy and the Red Baron. I played that one so many times my mom must have been about to go nuts. I sang along, too, kinda loud.

    I thought I was the only one who thought yellow cars were bad luck. My dad told me that once and I’ve never been able to shake the belief.

    As far as garden tomatoes, I love them, too, but by the end of the season when I’m left with a bushel full of ripe tomatoes my thoughts aren’t quite as loving.

  14. My first airplane ride wasn’t until I was married and on my honeymoon at age 22. The second one wasn’t for another six years until we went to Disney.

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