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Friday Life and Goals Update

life and goals updateHappy Friday everyone. Since we are already a quarter into this year, I though it was time for a life and goal update.

We Have a Job!

We are very excited this week because we found out that Jim actually has a job next year! Well, we knew could always go back into the classroom, but that would have been a huge cut in pay. His current job was based on a new state education bill that has since been repealed, along with his position. (Love it when politicians make rules about stuff they have no clue about) Anyway, he did such a great job last year that his superiors created a job for him that will be 80% school administration and 20% working to train quality teachers throughout our region. He also got a small bump in pay, so did I say how happy we are?

His job will require some long hours and travel, and it’s dang hard to get our kiddo to and from where she needs to be when he’s busy and I have to work. I could cut my hours, but I feel like it’s only been a short while since we’ve been firing on all cylinders financially, so I’d hate to let off the gas. However, if we can’t get the kid to school, I might have to consider changing. I had my career time in the spotlight, now it’s his turn. If only we could get a grandparent to move closer!

2014 Goals Update

So now that we don’t have to worry about our income being reduced, we can continue on with our 2014 goals.

You can view my goals here, but to briefly recap,

Solo 401k

Invest 25% of my income into retirement.  Pass! I have income from one W2 position, two 1099 jobs, and online income. Of my total income this year, 55% has gone into my new retirement plan. Of my 1099 income, 80% went to the 401k, 10% went to the HSA, and 5% has gone to charity. I’m trying to minimize taxes as much as possible.

A few short years ago, I never invested more than 3% of my income. I am only able to invest most of it now because we don’t have consumer debt and don’t spend money on stupid stuff anymore.

Health Savings Account

Max out our family HSA and invest it for retirement health costs. Pass. On track to max out by year’s end.


Give 5% of my income away. Pass

Run a Half Marathon

Fail. I can’t seem to avoid injuries. We’ll see what the rest of the year brings.

Increase Blog Income by 50%

Fail. Blog income is not up by 50%, but I have had some writing and editing jobs to boost  my online income. I feel confident that my new partnership with Grayson is going to pay off, but it will take a while to fix all the things I’ve been doing wrong for the past year and a half!

Other Blog News

There have been some exciting blog things happening recently.

Eyes on the Dollar was mentioned on Business Insider and Million Mile Secrets. We are at #33 on the Modest Money Top Finance Blogs List. Be sure to register your blog if you haven’t.

In other blog news, my friend Laurie at The Frugal Farmer has written a new ebook called How to Teach Your Kids About Money. I had the pleasure of reading it earlier this week, and it’s a very simple, but effective guide to let parents know how to talk about money without making it taboo or worrisome to children. Laurie is a mother of 4 and I truly enjoy reading about her journey from surburban Jones keeper upper to homesteader with a plan to get out of debt and live life as it was meant to be lived.

And here are some other great posts around the web you should check out if you can.

It Takes Money To Save Money at Enemy of Debt. Better deals abound for those not living paycheck to paycheck!

Music Mondays-More To Life at Financially Blond. Just because you look the part doesn’t mean happiness.

A Year of Bike Commuting at Planting Our Pennies. I think that’s awesome, although I could never pull it off.

Ultimate Side Hustle: Become a Millionaire at No Nonsense Landlord.  The right mindset goes a long way.

How are your goals holding up so far? 

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About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. Thanks for the ping back Kim!

    Good luck with all you have going forward. I have been finding out lately that a job gets in the way of a lot of things, and I have less and less time for a job.

    Running is fine, but it does take a toll on the body. As someone who used to run a 5:32 mile, I can say it is fun, but make sure you do not over do it.

    Keep up the savings and plan for a time when you will have much more that you have today.

  2. Lots of good things happening here! Can you hire someone to take your child to school or wherever? I’m thinking a mother that has kids in the same school or even a retired person. I would think this would be economically better than cutting your hours. Plus it might give your child an opportunity to develop further relationships. Might be a win-win opportunity! Happy Friday!!

  3. Congrats to Jim! And yeah, having a grandparent close would be helpful. I know my grandparents helped get us to and from school and other places when my parents were both working. I know you’ll get it all figured out, though.

    I trained for one half-marathon and I’m not sure my body can handle it. My hip and knees have issues when I run more than about 6 miles. It could just be a lack of training, though. For now I scrapped my own personal goal of running another half marathon.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. That is SUCH great news about Jim’s job!! Ever since you posted about it a few months ago, I have been thinking about you guys and hoping something would work out and it did! We had a period of time where both of our jobs did not fit with my son’s schedule and it was stressful, but with a lot of advance planning, and a few babysitters to fill in gaps we figured it out. Anywho, congrats on your goals to date, you are doing awesome! And thank you so much for including my post this week, I appreciate it!

  5. That is an AMAZING percentage to be putting towards retirement. Congratulations!

  6. Both of my parents worked full time and I was one of five, very overbooked children, so we had a full time nanny. She would probably spend half of her day just driving us around.

  7. MomofTwoPreciousGirls

    Yeah for the hubby!

    Jobs stink! I kid…sort of. I was lectured quite a bit recently of the bad timing of my scheduled and approved time off. It seems that the people I support believe that their work/life balance (two single people with no/grown children) is more important than mine (married, two full time employed parents, with two children in elementary school). Did I mention I do not work for them directly and the business I support belongs to them and they make the big bucks and are exempt employees with laptops and after hours email access. Even while I was out they were texting me because apparently they can’t function without me! Wish my pay was commensurate with how badly they NEED me!

    I know you recently cut back your schedule, do you have enough flexibility to wiggle it around a bit more to fit? It’s tough with kids!!!

  8. I know you had mentioned Jim being able to keep his job over at FR the other day, so big congrats! My youngest brother is wrapping up his first year as a teacher in Kansas and has learned awfully quickly how politicians like to mess with the jobs of teachers. The governor there is backed by the Koch brothers so his decisions haven’t been the most popular. You’re absolutely rockin’ it on the retirement saving – way to go!

  9. The waiting game for jobs is the worst! My live in boyfriend is working a contract position right now and I am anxiously waiting for him to get hired on permanently. Congrats to Jim!

  10. That’s fantastic news about Jim! I’m sure it’s a huge relief! My sister was a teacher but her position kept getting eliminated and finally she moved to Corporate America. It was a really hard choice for her because she loved teaching but the stress of never knowing whether she would have a job and the financial strain was so tough.

  11. Glad to hear about the job for next year. I am sure that makes you feel much better! We will get the income up Kim, but it will take some time to clean up some things and start rolling on all cylinders.

  12. Congrats to Jim, that’s fantastic news! I hope you can find someone to take care of the driving for your daughter, instead of having to cut your hours. My grandma was a life saver whenever any of us were sick, as she would come and pick us up at school. Looks like you’re doing great on all your financial goals, especially with putting so much of your income toward investments!

  13. Congratulations on the job!

  14. Yay for Jim’s job and the raise. Definitely nice. Like someone else suggested, before cutting down on your own schedule, see what a mother at the same school might charge to take your daughter to/from school several days per week. It might be way less than you think.

  15. HUGE congrats to Jim on the new job!!! Yay!!! Sounds like you are doing great on the goals, minus the running injuries. 🙁 Thanks so much for mentioning my book – I really appreciate it! Have an awesome weekend, Kim!

  16. So happy for Jim! Sorry the injuries are still plaguing you. Speaking from experience, a half marathon isn’t worth it if you are not feeling 100%. But that’s just my two cents! 🙂 It must be such a great feeling to contribute so much to retirement! I really need to get to that point.

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