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Friday Ramblings: Morons, Updates, Seniors, and Hope for Today’s Youth

Snowy day in Colorado Have you ever had your day made worse by a moron? Ever had to change plans or expend more effort based on some else’s stupidity? I am working on this post at the public library right now because some moron took out a telephone pole and wiped out my home internet. After having almost no snow in January, it looks like it just might snow every day in February. Maybe it’s because of the Broncos annihilation in the Super Bowl, or maybe we are just due, but it’s slick out there people. Slow down!

I know anyone can slide off the road in icy conditions, but unless you are blind (in which case you shouldn’t be driving), you can easily see that the roads are very snow packed. The normal speed limit on our road is 40mph in good weather. It should be 20 in snow. This accident happened right after a stop sign, so I can only guess this fellow was going way too fast, slammed on his brakes, and did a Dukes of Hazzard into the telephone pole. I drove by right after the accident, and the driver was thankfully unharmed. It’s been a long time since I took physics, and I’m not sure of the torque or velocity or whatever needed to fly over a big ditch and break a telephone pole in half, but I’m sure if he was driving reasonably, it would have been impossible. First world problem, I know, but thanks Mr. Moron!

Anyway, today, I thought I’d share some updates after my first month of selling my practice and not being the boss, along with some other things going on if anyone is interested.

It’s very weird to show up for work in a place you ran for more than a decade and not have any say over anything. I know I wanted to give up ownership and all the responsibilities that go with it, but it’s hard to shut up and just do my job. I’m sure I’ll get more used to it as time goes on.

I had dreams all month that something would happen and I would not get paid rent or my loan payment for financing the business. I guess maybe everyone goes through that when change happens? Anyway, I’m glad to say my fears were unfounded, and I only have many more years to go. Hopefully, my fears will fade with time.

I got another online job that would be boring to most people, but it’s right up my alley. I am doing content evaluation for online health articles. Basically, I read older articles and determine if they are up to snuff or need to be rewritten.  Pay is based totally on production, and I’m averaging about $30 per hour, which is awesome compared to taking jobs in something like retail or service, but much less than I make as an optometrist.  However, I get to do the job in my own time from home, which is awesome. I started on January 21 and have made $600 as of Monday. I think I can easily bring in an extra $1000 per month. Like with any job, especially freelance, I never know when it might go away, so I’m planning on making as much as I can while the gettin’ is good.

Although, this has nothing to do with personal finance, I do want to share two amazing patients I had this week. Sometimes we get hung up on the negative, and I really want to try to remember the good things as well.

Patient one was a lady who was 91 years old. I have to admit, I looked at the schedule and mentally groaned because I assumed she would be slow, hard of hearing, and with altered mental status. I normally like seeing seniors, but I was running behind and had a sinus headache. Much to my surprise and pleasure, this lady was as sharp as most people a half century younger. She was funny and amazingly articulate. I asked what brought her in, and she said working on the computer was becoming difficult with her trifocals! Love it! I wish I’d asked if she was on Twitter.

My absolute favorite patient, though, was an 18 year old. I generally set the bar pretty low. If you are a teenager and can speak in complete sentences, make eye contact, and not wear your pajamas to your eye appointment, I rate that as a positive exam experience. This young lady was as articulate as the 91 year old. She was going to community college to major in psychology. We talked a bit about that as took lots of psychology classes in college. I then asked her what had brought her in today. She replied by saying that she had to tell me a story,

I went out to breakfast the other day and when I ordered (the menu was on a chalkboard behind the counter), I asked for the special without mushrooms. The waitress looked at me funny and said the special did not come with mushrooms. I put on my friends glasses as a joke and realized the special came with hash browns. I think I might need glasses. “

I have no doubt this young lady will make an excellent psychologist just because of her demeanor and personality. Score one for the youth!

How did you know you needed glasses? Will you be on Twitter at age 91? Any morons get on your nerves this week? 

About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. I could no longer see the board. The worst was in maths class.

    I actually need to figure out my new glasses. Got them online but they just aren’t working, either they messed up the prescription somehow or I got a bad prescription. Thinking I will return em and shell out for a pair (and the care) from a local retailer,

    • I’ve had several people who bought glasses online and had problems. People with astigmatism seem have a harder time because they have to be very precise to not cause eyestrain or blurriness. I hope you get the problem resolved.

  2. Very cool online job! I actually would enjoy that job, but apparently I like boring work as well : / Haha, anyway I knew I needed glasses when I sucked at baseball. In reality it was hard for me to see the ball coming and even harder to make contact with something that I could barely see. Sorry to hear about the telephone pole. On a brighter note I’ve found the library to be a good place to be productive when it comes to blogging and getting things done.

    • The library was really loud and annoying that day. I’m not sure what happened to whispering in the library, but I guess that’s a thing of the past. Boring work can be magic to the right person.

  3. Morons suck. People need to learn how to drive in the snow or just stay home! Luckily, now that I work from home I don’t have to deal with crazy people who can’t drive.

    Good job on getting that new online job.

  4. We had two drunk drivers on two separate occasions take out telephone poles in my neighborhood. One on Jan 1st so a lot of people couldn’t watch football. Idiots! I love the stories of your patients! I doubt twitter will exist when I’m that old. It will probably fade into the distance like myspace did. I do wonder what kind of technologies will be available then!

  5. In Cheryl’s practice yesterday they had someone ask if it would be okay to eat food with cinnamon on it, or if that would make them sick.

    Morons abound……

    • Ah Joe, We have had some great fun reading what patients list as allergies. No lie, these were actually things people wrote they were allergic to: vultures, dirt, soup. How close do you have to get to a vulture to know you are allergic? Does that include stews and bisques or broths only?

  6. Other than the telephone pole incident, that sounds like a good selection of fun stories!
    Just the other week I was wondering how you were finding it still working in a place where you used to be the boss, but weren’t any more. I know that I would find that extremely difficult.

  7. I had lasik years ago but I still do use glasses for reading. And I honestly hope that I am as articulate and vibrant at 91 years old as your client is. It’s sad that we have to set the bar so low for teenagers. I don’t think it helps that their main way of communicating is texting. You see them in a group and no one talks. They just text on their phones. I’m pretty sure I’d struggle going from being the boss to an employee. It’s just second nature to know what to do or what needs to be done. And now you don’t have to worry about it any longer! Have a great weekend, Kim!

  8. Morons are the worst…

    Hmm, I wore one contact when I was younger (lazy eye), but it didn’t help me see better so I stopped. Now as an adult, I’m having vision issues and I need to go get it checked out. At some point, I’ll look up how much it will cost as I don’t have vision insurance :/

  9. Hey Kim, I’m starting to fall in love with this blog. Too bad the guy knocked out the utility pole, but you made one hell of a story out of it! Luckily for me, no morons have gotten to me yet this week. Now I need to find wood to knock on!

  10. I knew I needed glasses when we were in Tampa trying to leave town on the highway and I misread a sign for I-275 as I-375 (or maybe the other way around). Either way… within a month I was at the optometrist’s, got glasses, and suddenly my 2:30 headache that I used to get every afternoon at work disappeared, too! =)

    The big shame though is the last time I had my eyes checked before all that was in 2003 (about 8 years before getting glasses), and I had 20/15 vision. *sigh* Those were the days when I could read street signs from what felt like half a mile away…

  11. It drives me absolutely up the wall when people drive like morons. I want to take them all and shake ’em, you know? I remember when I knew I needed glasses. I was 21 or so, and I mentioned to my uncle that it was starting to be difficult to see things that were far away. He mentioned in his usual dry humor “Well, don’t look at far away things then.” This is kind of funny and kind of sad, because it is with a lot of this flawed “logic” that he makes decisions in life. I could go on, but I won’t. I love him dearly, but there’s not a whole lot of wisdom going on there. Intelligence, yes. Wisdom, no.

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