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It’s Fun to Stay at the YMCA-Gift Exchange Reveal

December can be such a fun month. I’ve enjoyed all the different blogger movements, and the Frugal  Portland Gift Exchange did not disappoint. Thanks to the lovely Kathleen for putting this together. I drew the name of Catherine from Plunged in Debt. For her gift, she received a wine bottle candelabra and wine glass markers with a corkscrew. I thought this was a wonderful gift for her, except after I mailed it, I second guessed my memory. I thought I had read that she was a red wine enthusiast, but maybe I got that mixed up with someone else. If it turns out she doesn’t drink, won’t I feel silly? However, she will have some great items to re-gift.

When my gift arrived, I really had sort of forgotten and thought it was one of the neighbor’s packages dropped off by mistake. They keep UPS in business, so we get strays delivered to hour house on occasion. This box had my name on it, though, so I ripped it open to find………

This headdress, very similar to the one I wore when I made a fool of myself sang YMCA as one of the village people while under hypnosis. I have no idea who it’s from, but thank you for reading my blog and finding out some things about me. Although that was not one of my finer moments, it is a great memory, and now I can recreate it whenever I want, as soon as I can wrestle it from my daughter. Maybe I can recruit a few of her friends and we can be a modern day Partridge Family!

Note: This headdress is strictly meant as a Village People costume and in no way makes light of any Native American traditions. So don’t go getting offended!


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  1. She is so cute with that YMCA style hat on. I’m not really sure where you would wear a hat like that, perhaps a weird Halloween costume for next year?

  2. Haha, that is too adorable. Your daughter is such a good sport for wearing it for you!

  3. That is an awesome present. Your daughter is adorable.

  4. hahaha I haven’t received it yet!!! You spoiled my gift Kim!! I’m super excited now! but you nailed it, I love red wine but am on a bit of a hiatus since being pregnant and now breastfeeding. I will have to give it an extra special welcome when I finally crack open a bottle (or 3). Whoo I’ll do a post when I get it 🙂 Thanks in advance!

    • That worries me. I don’t know how long things take to get to Canada. I realized I didn’t have a last name so just sent it to Catherine Plunged.!The name doesn’t really matter so much here if you have the correct address, but I should have checked in Canada. I hope it makes it on time!

  5. That’s too awesome! It looks like your daughter is enjoying wearing it, much like I think our daughter would.

  6. Looks like your daughter is enjoying your gift just as much as you! Looks like the gift exchange was a lot of fun, I hope they do one again next year.

  7. I am always surprised with what kids enjoy the most. It seems it is always the simplest things. Save our money and go for the things they will actually enjoy.

  8. Nice!
    I love the gift exchange idea!

  9. Your daughter is too cute!

  10. Gag gifts like that can be a lot of fun. My wife has one friend who is gay and can act very effeminate, so she got him a small bottle of perfume!

  11. OMG I love it! How fun and funny that is! I’ll let you know soon who gave you that, unless that person wants to reveal themselves.

  12. Awesome gift! Mine’s presumably also caught at the border in the Christmas deluge. I also want to know who sent yours!

  13. What a special gift and your daughter look so cute. Have a great Christmas holiday!!

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