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Turbulent Times, Dance Recitals, and Glad to Be Home

Old Mulkey State Park

Old Mulkey State Park

Wow, I’m back home and trying to catch up. I did little to no blogging last week due to lack of adequate connections and my own decision to step away from the computer. I have to say, it’s pretty nice to take a break. I may never get caught up on responding to comments from last week, so no offense if you left a good one. I really appreciate your visits in my absence.

We had lots of family time last week. I got to take my daughter and niece on a hike at Old Mulkey State Park, whose claim to fame is that it’s the final resting place of Hannah Boone, sister of Daniel. There is an old cemetery where several Civil War veterans are buried. We had a long talk about what happens to dead bodies in the ground,  threw rocks in the creek, and learned to avoid poison ivy. Good stuff!

On the way home, we already had a three hour layover in Denver before a short 35 minute plane ride back to Durango. The three hours turned into six because of high winds. After waiting all day in the airport, I was anxious to get on the plane until it became the most turbulent ride of my life. It didn’t help that the poor lady beside me threw up the whole way, and our row was out of air sick bags! Let’s just say, it was good to get on solid ground. The next day was Saturday and the day of my daughter’s dance recital plus an encore today. We are two tired puppies after this weekend! I promise to be back in blogger action next week, but here are some great posts to hold you over.

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Have you ever seen your life flash before you while on a plane ride?

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Kim, I really appreciate it. I imagine it was nice to step away and be unplugged for a few days. I’ll be doing that myself in a few weeks and am looking forward to it. Sorry to hear about the plane flight. I had one like that about 15 years ago. I thought for certain we were going down…especially when the pilot told us to be prepared for the worst – NOT something you want to hear while on a plane! 😉

  2. Ugh bad plane rides are always the worst! Especially when someone is throwing up.

  3. I wondered where you were gone to. No worries on catching up… I’ve done the same lately. Tonight is the last night for the GGC.. June starts Monday… shop 1!~ Have a great week Kim.. .glad you’re back.

  4. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, I was a passenger in a twin engine plane flying to an island off the coast of Honduras. It had been raining and the runway was wet. When the wheels touched the pavement, the plane spun aound and, for some reason I still don’t understand, the pilot took off again to avoid crashing.

    As the plane circled around to attempt another landing, my heart sank and I just knew it was the end. Somehow the pilot managed to land the plane, and I lived to fly another day.

  5. That sounds like an ideal trip to a state park. Sometimes the lesser known ones are the best!

  6. Looks like you enjoyed your vacation. It’s good to stay away from the computer every now and then. Just too bad about the turbulence. It’s scary. Great links by the way. Thanks.

  7. I would freak out if someone was barfing in the seat next to me! I’m really squeamish about that stuff! Sounds like a horrible plane ride, but glad the rest of the trip was nice and you got a much needed break!

  8. That plane ride sounds aweful! Glad you made it back in one piece. I hate flying, especially small

    planes, although I have tried to educate myself about the real risks and all the things the plane

    can do automatically even with a drunk or underslept pilot, and it is quite reassuring. Booze helps
    too. Thank you for the mention!

  9. Thanks for linking to me this week. Hopefully I show enough discipline to stick to my plan as well.

  10. Thanks for the link love. I haven’t the slightest idea how it happened but I had the link pingback show up in my comments for this article today. If this article was done on June 2nd, it must have taken at trip around the moon before getting to me. 🙂

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