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Gluten Free Potato Chips Do Not Make You Healthy

gluten free without breaking the bank

My friend and I took a road trip with our kids a few weeks ago to spend the day at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. After a full day of swimming, sun, and realizing our brown bag food was all gone, we stopped at a small market for snacks . I was craving potato chips, a treat I love but try to avoid. Anyway, we decided junk food was going to be a sweet splurge for the ride home and began to search the potato chip aisle. I was amazed at all the bags of chips trying to disguise themselves as healthy; organic, all natural, and especially the ones marked gluten free. I’m sorry but gluten free potato chips do not make you healthy. Gluten Free is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry Americans spent seven billion dollars on gluten free foods last year. For the one percent of the population who suffer from celiac disease, a gluten free diet is necessary to prevent gastrointestinal distress and other inflammatory problems. However, while only a small percentage of people are truly gluten intolerant, almost 30 percent of people say they are trying to eat gluten free. I do agree that eating copious amounts ...

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