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Great Gifts For Grandma on Mother’s Day

Gifts for Grandma on Mother's DayMother’s Day is only a few days away, and I hope everyone knows what to get for Mom. I am not a fan of most gift giving holidays, but I do appreciate that my family tries to remember me on Mother’s Day. You have to respect the lady who gave birth and raised you. Sometimes it’s harder to think of what Grandma might like on Mother’s Day. My grandmas have both been gone now for several years, but I do see a ton of very active grannies every week in my practice.

I don’t claim to know everything the modern grandma enjoys in this day and age – modern grandmas may even appreciate Mother’s Day eCards! – but I can tell you a few secrets you might not have thought of when shopping for Grandma this Mother’s Day.

Amazon Kindles

You would not believe how many grandmas have adopted e-readers. They are not only easy to use, but for older people whose eyesight is not as good as it used to be, they are a Godsend. Because you can adjust the font, a Kindle replaces the need for those old, heavy, large print books. In my experience, older and less technologically savvy grandmas prefer the paper white Kindle while the more adventurous ones go for the Kindle Fire. I had an 88  year old patient this week who raved and raved about her Kindle. It gave her back the ability to read comfortably. While they might be more expensive that flowers, you really can’t put a price on being able to read if it helps seniors feel more involved and independent.


If you thought Crocs were for little kids, think again. Did you know that they actually make adult Crocs that don’t look like orthopedic shoes? Crocs are awesome for grandmas (or anyone) who gardens or work outside because they can be washed easily and are pretty durable. They are comfortable and easy to put on without bending over, and they come in cool colors.

Cool Kitchen Utensils

If your grandma is anything like mine were, she would be caught dead before she’d serve processed foods. Both my Grandma’s could whip up gourmet meals out of just about anything, but it took hours of effort. If your grandma is busy with her e-reader and computer, she would appreciate kitchen utensils that make life easier. Some of my favorites are cherry pitters, vacuum sealers, and baking stones. Grandmas can tend to be hesitant to buy modern kitchen tools because their old ones still work. I do love that practicality, but if you give them something to make life easier that isn’t too hard to learn to use, it’s a win win.

Give an Experience

One of my favorite memories with my paternal Grandma is when she came to visit me when I lived in Memphis. My Grandma always loved ducks, which is ironic since I hate birds, but she was nuts about them. I got to take her to the Peabody Hotel, where a group of very special pampered ducks come down the elevator from the roof every day to splash in the lobby fountain. At the end of the day, they go right back up top to their special duck house on the roof with one of the best views in Memphis. They even have a full time Duckmaster who takes care of them. Silly maybe, but Granny couldn’t wait to see it.

The day we went, I had other things planned after the duck parade, but Granny just wanted to sit in the Peabody lobby and watch the ducks all day. We ate in the stuffy cafe there, and probably paid too much for sandwiches and iced tea. It wasn’t really my thing, but she loved it, and it was certainly something she would have never done without my prompting. Someday, I’ll take my daughter there and  tell her how much her great-granny enjoyed it. If you still have your grandma around, plan an experience she won’t forget. You might find it becomes one of your favorite memories as well.

What are you getting your grandma for Mother’s Day? Do you have an experience with your grandma that stands out?

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  1. One of the best gifts I ever gave my gram was a digital picture frame pre-loaded with scanned images of all the pictures she had up in her old house. They didn’t fit on the walls in the retirement home she moved into, so that was a way to keep them close. =)

    • That is a wonderful idea. I remember when my Grandma had to move into a nursing home and she didn’t have her photos around her to feel like home. That would have been a great idea if those had been readily available at the time.

  2. I’ve never really given my grandma anything for Mother’s Day. I will send her a card, though, and if she was in the cities I would definitely spend some time with her.

    • That’s funny. We’ve always done grandparents and our daughter has a set of great grandparents as well. When you have kids, sending photos is always well received.

  3. My grandmas was already passed away when I was still a child. I’m planning to give my mom a card, flowers and I would cook her favorite meal during that special day.

    • I love to cook for my Mom. I try to make things I know she’ll like but never makes herself. My spicy enchiladas have been a big hit in the past.

  4. My Mom’s side of the family does a Mother’s Day lunch every year. Grandma, her daughters and daughters-in-law, and all the granddaughters and great granddaughters all get together for a big lunch out. When I was growing up the rule was you had to be a mother to participate, but they changed it because my Mom and Aunt said they’d never get a free lunch if they had to wait for their own daughters to have kids. So now the rule is that you have to be female, over 18, and you have to buy your Mom’s lunch. It’s always a great time, and grandma loves having a girls day.

  5. Great ideas Kim! Both of our grandmothers are gone, but we would usually send something like a digital photo frame, photo book or something along those lines. We’re having the kids make something for our Moms which is usually priceless to them.

    • The digital photo frame is a great idea. Pictures of the grand kids are always a good standby for any gift giving occasion.

  6. We hit the trifecta this May 11th…Mother’s Day, our anniversary and my youngest son’s birthday. We are going to celebrate all three at our house with a cookout after church.

    • That’s an excellent way to kill three birds with one stone. I bet the weather is wonderful there right now. May in the south was my favorite month, unless there was a tornado.

  7. I liked your story about your grandma! How cute. Unfortunately, we just moved away, so I won’t be able to see my grandma this Mother’s Day, but I am sending her a card. Usually, all us girls on my mom’s side go out to eat for breakfast at a diner. It became a little tradition a few years ago.

  8. Both Lauren and Taylor are fortunate enough to have both sets of Grandmas, although they sadly lost their paternal grandfather about 2 years ago. Sometimes we take them out for a meal or have them over to house so we can spoil them. Most grandparents don’t “need” much but really love being showered with attention and time. I loved your duck story with your Grandma. I bet she treasured that day with you.

    • Our daughter still has all her grandparents and a great grandma and great grandpa. Jim’s family has wonderful longevity genes!

  9. You know, I’m not sure what I’ll be getting my Grandma for mother’s day…good question! I do have a few experiences. Some of my fondest memories of grandma were the simple things. Watching a movie while she scratched my back with long acrylic nails, going to my first candy shop, I could really write a long list here!

    • I remember going to the corner store with my Grandpa when I was little and he’d buy me a candy bar. Then we’d get back in the truck with no seat belts and bench seats, and I’d stand up on the passenger side and eat my candy on the way home. How did we ever survive those days!

  10. The greatest gift you can give your parents and grandparents is to spend some time with them.

    Have lunch with your grandmother or go fishing with you grandfather. Or whatever they really liked to do back ‘in the day’, but now it is too much work for them to do it alone. Or they no longer have friends to do it with.

  11. Both of my grandmas are dead =( I got my mom a small gift, but she will freak out about even that. She hates it when people buy her stuff!

  12. Great gift ideas and experiences do matter when it comes to family. Some Crocs may look a bit weird, but they are very comfy. I have a pair and they feel great.

  13. I never gave my grandma a gift, but now I don’t have any chance to give her a present, forever.

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