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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #16-Hackers Suck Edition

Hackers should be sent to Alcatraz

This has been an exceptionally busy week. I know I never have a not busy week, but somehow being gone for Thanksgiving just put me behind. My Twitter account was also hacked, so I’m very sorry that all my contacts got a spammy message that someone was spreading nasty things about them. How embarrasing to see my smiling face right beside the stupidest message. Why that is fun for someone, I have no idea. Get a life. On a more positive note, my husband celebrated a birthday this week, and we are going to the Christmas parade tonight and out to dinner to celebrate. Local parades are always a good time, but I’ve always wondered what happens if there is an emergency as all the police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are usually in the parade.

On Monday, I will be co-hosting a giveaway, and I will be participating with a bunch of female bloggers and Average Joe (he’s in touch with his feminine side) in posting our favorite Christmas Memories so come back for all kinds of goodness.

I had a guest post this week about how people waste money on eye stuff at Club Thrifty, and I did a blog swap with Anne at Unique Gifter. Her post about hidden taxes drew some great comments.

I actually was in two carnivals this week.

The Money Mail Carnival-Fourth Edition at The Money Mail

Carnival of Money Pros at Vanessa’s Money


These super generous bloggers were kind enought to mention me this week.

Friday Recap, a Panoramic View, and A Blogging Tip at Reach Finacial Independence

Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled this Week, It’s December Already Edition at Frugal Rules

Great Reads of the Month at Frugal Habits

Weekly Wrap-Up, Mentions, and Good Reads #21 at I Heart Budgets

Fearless Men’s Weekly Roundup, November 29,2012 at Fearless Men

Weekly Personal Finance Blog Roundup, November 30,2012 at Debt Roundup

End of December 2012 Exclusive Cash Giveaway and Favorite Posts at Modest Money

Ghosts of Personal Finance Bloggers Past at My Money Design

Personal Finance Week in Review #40 at Work Save Live

Stress Can’t Stop Link Luv at Pelican on Money


A few search terms for you viewing pleasure:

after foreclosure a realtor came to my house-Man, they have no shame

baby ring slings-???

larry hagman avec des dollars-even the French are looking for JR

The only one I know is lovely Pauline from Reach Financial Independence. Pauline seems to be popular this week.

plugged in Pauline-Yes, I believe she is now

Pauline wants to sell stainless water bottles as a school fundraiser-That’s better than some of the fundraisers they’ve had this year!


And I just couldn’t take my eyes off these blog posts:

Spinach and Leek Pizza, Make your Kids and Man Eat Greens at Reach Financial Independence. Kid does well, man not so much.

Save Thousands of Dollars with the One Little Rule at Frugal Habits. Anything that can save thousands is worth checking out!

9 Reasons You’re Not Successful Like You Should be at Fearless Men. Have you ever wondered why you haven’t achieved your potential? Good reasons here, and they work for ladies as well.

How Do Credit Cards Make Money? I Found Out the Hard Way by Nicole, a.k.a Mrs. Frugal Rules. From poor dummies like I used to be.

Our First Budget Story at I Heart Budgets. If you can go from this to hearting budgets, that’s pretty amazing.

The Inevitable Hostess Bankruptcy and What We Can Learn From It at My Money Design. No more Zingers!

3 Online Shopping Tips to Get Better Deals at Debt Roundup. I’m done shopping, but I know some of you wait until the last minute.

Perk Street Financal Review: The Best Online Checking Account at Work Save Live. Reward debit cards are hard to find these days, but it looks like a good deal on this one.

Net Worth is Not Your Self Worth at Money Master Mom. We get so wrapped up in numbers that we forget this sometimes.

It’s Your Blogging Journey, You Make the Rules at Modest Money. Can I make a rule that all my posts will go viral and I’ll get 10,000 unique visitors a month?

Now Why the Hell are They Blinking? at Tackling Our Debt. Sicorra tells us how to beat holiday stress.

Dollar Store Home Pregnancy Tests: Do They Work? at Canadian Budget Binder. Mr CBB is all about providing the answers to his readers, even if he has to buy a pregnancy test. I hope he doesn’t want to see if Dollar Store tampons work.

10 Habits of Well Off People at Pelican on Money. We could learn a lot from Veronica’s friend

Can’t Save? Write it Out Bitches at Average Joe’s Money Blog. A. Joe certainly has a way to put it delicately.

Stockpile Smart: Hoarding Isn’t Saving at The Frugal Path. Having 50 cans of free cat food isn’t that grand if  you don’ have a cat.

Buying the Land and Building a House-Part 4 at Monster Piggy Bank. If you ever considered building a house, you should read this series.

Medical Lemmings: Peer Pressure and Medical Spending at Planting Our Pennies. Please don’t ever be a medical lemming. Make choices that are right for you and don’t follow the crowd.



About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. Thank you for the mention Kim. I appreciate it. I hope you have a good weekend, and I think we might be co-hosting a giveaway together on Monday. If so, good luck!

  2. You aren’t the only one that got hacked this week – I got at least one other hacked twitter account message from someone else. What’s up with that? Any idea how your account got hacked?

    Thanks for including our post – have a great weekend at the parade!

    • Todd’s comment had a good name for them. I guess my password wasn’t good enough, even though I thought it was pretty random.

  3. Thanks for the mention Kim! There were a few people who got hacked on Twitter. I never understand why there are people out there who have nothing better to do than to hack some poor person’s Twitter account. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  4. Thanks for recommending my post Kim. I’m sorry to hear about your twitter hack. I don’t know why people think it’s fun either. I suppose it’s the same as TPing or egging someone’s house. I’m glad that you got it fix and wish you luck with it in the future.

  5. It looks like I have some reading to catch up with this weekend. Thanks for pointing them out.

  6. Great list of posts! Thanks so much for the include! Looking forward to Monday 🙂

  7. Ha,nothing will stop Mr.CBB from finding the answers.. BUT there is no way I’ll be testing any tampons out… I could careless about buying them, really it’s not that big of a deal (it happens, it’s life). Thanks for linking up Kim! Mr.CBB

    • I actually learned from one of those survivalist shows that tampons make great survival gear as a field bandage or a fire starter. Who knew?

  8. Thanks for the mention…..and great job on the guest post!

  9. I am plugged in indeed, so they can come straight to my site 🙂 My personal twitter account is hacked, I don’t know how to unhack it, and don’t use it anyway. I would have thought they targeted mostly inactive accounts… I (kinda) get the fun of hacking Lady Gaga’s account or taking down Twitter for a few hours, but normal people, really… Thanks for the mention, enjoy the parade with the bday boy!

    • Twitter says to change the password and limit access, although about the only things I use are Sharaholic and Facebook. Other than that, I have no idea.I would be the most boring person in the world to hack.

  10. Kim, thanks for the mention. A lot of hackers like to mess around to hone their skills. We call them script kiddies. They aren’t really good hackers, but just dangerous enough to use hacking tools. You’ve prob already changed your password but I’d suggest including at least 2 upper case and 2 special characters in them. This way it won’t be as susceptible to dictionary or brute force attacks.

  11. Thanks for the inclusion this week Kim 🙂
    Sucks that your account got hacked, do you know how they got in?

  12. I hate hackers! They are so annoying and a waste of time.

  13. Thanks Kim! Sorry your Twitter account was hacked. I’ve received so many of those Twitter messages that say “someone is talking about you” that are really just virus links.

  14. This is random to include in my “thank you” but since you have your “eye on the dollar” have you made a post yet on the symbols on the dollar? I know lots of other places have done it before and point to crazy Illuminate theories, but I thought it’d be fun here considering it’s part of your header and your an optometrist!

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