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Happy Memorial Day

Memorial DayI’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to say Happy Memorial Day, as this is a day in the US when we remember those who gave their lives in service to our country. Actually, I think it is appropriate since I am terribly happy that there are men and women who are willing to risk their lives to defend and protect our freedoms. No matter what your political affiliation, you have to give a shout out to those serving in the military and their families. Because of their bravery, we have the ability to express our opinions and agree or disagree without the fear of punishment.

Today, I’ll be hanging out with my family in Kentucky. When my grandparents were alive, my Grandpa always spend all day getting the coals just right for his secret recipe, so hot it curls your hair, barbecue sauce, perfect when applied to any cut of meat. I can still feel my tongue burning! While no one can exactly recreate his secret sauce, we will give it our best shot with a family barbecue. If you have a super, secret recipe, put it in your will! We lost the BBQ sauce and Thanksgiving dressing recipes with the passing of my grandparents. I think Pa and Granny might be laughing about that one right now. They always did have a strange sense of humor.  I hope you are enjoying your day, regardless of whether you are celebrating a holiday or not.

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

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  1. Enjoy your family day! too bad about the recipes, there is so much more that gets lost with a generation passing. My grandpa had written a short memoir and it was great to read, as we rarely ask our parents and grandparents what they were doing at our age.

  2. Have fun enjoying your family in Kentucky. I am just going to have a lazy day with my girls.

  3. I hope you have a great time with your family today! I will just be hanging out inside since it’s nasty out…as it has been for the past week! Probably just relaxing, something I don’t get to do too often.

  4. Happy Memorial Day! Have a great day 🙂

  5. We had a cookout in the backyard with some friends yesterday. Did it mostly potluck style so we only had to buy the meat for the grill. Spent $20.

  6. I am just going to enjoy the holiday with my family and have a nice dinner. We might end up seeing a moving together later but I am not really happy with what is available to see at the movies right now. Please have a happy Memorial Day with your friends and without having any guilt for doing so.

  7. Just like every year, we just had a little backyard BBQ party, hotdogs and burgers. Family and some friends came over. This day, we remember and honor all the veterans out there.

  8. Really great to see critical thinking with regard to this interesting holiday. The fallen, I like to think, would indeed like to see their sacrifice for our peace and stability celebrated.

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