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  1. I’m completely convinced that someday the government will do something to tax our 401k accounts. I know they are supposedly tax free but the government wants so much of our money that I can’t imagine it won’t look at the trillions of dollars in those accounts and somehow decide to take part of it. Oh, they won’t call it a tax. It will be called a distribution fee, or administrative fee or something like that but someday, they will get part of it. That being said, we do have some of our retirement in Roths but the majority is in traditional IRAs. That way, the money is out of the hands of government for as long as possible. (Can you tell I’m very distrustful of the government?)

  2. I put money in a 401K and IRA. When I retire I should have a nice blend of taxable and nontaxable income.

  3. Our investment dollars automatically go into our 403b. I would like to contribute more to our Roths in the future.

  4. Good reminder. I always do my regular IRA in the first few weeks of the month. And HSA throughout the year. Max out the 401K my the end of March.

  5. I diversify. However, I put more in the IRA, as I believe this is much better compared with 401(k). Thanks for reminding us, I almost forgot it!

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