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Cheap Things to do When Kids are Out of School

trail hiking with kids

For the past couple of years, my daughter’s elementary school has dedicated two Fridays per month as teacher work days, meaning no school for kids. I am lucky that my schedule is flexible enough that I’ve been able to take all those days off from work. Instead of sitting around the house, I decided we would get out and explore, thus Field Trip Friday was born. Last year, I had one additional kid whose Mom had to work those Fridays. This year, I picked up two more for a total of four kids ranging in age from 6-9. I have been on the hunt for low cost or free things to keep them entertained and to insure that my house remains intact. Luckily there are lots of fun, cheap things to do when kids are out of school. Spend Time Outdoors What we don’t have in big city amenities, our rural area makes up for in outdoor activities. For our first field trip of the year, we hiked the Geyser Trail to Colorado’s only natural geyser. All the kids had done the trail before, so it was familiar and easy terrain. They made up an elaborate game where the girls ...

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