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Why do so many new Forex traders fail? Here’s how you can succeed!

In the internet age, all you need in order to start trading forex is a smartphone and your bank card. Download an app, set up your account and you are good to go. But take a look in the popular press, and you will see that the question is not whether you can trade on the money markets but whether you should. According so some reports, as many as 96 percent of new traders take on the money markets and fail dismally.

What’s the problem?

Professionals have been making a good living from forex trading for hundreds of years, so there is clearly nothing wrong with the idea conceptually. The real issue is in the very simplicity with which new traders can start buying and selling currency. There is little doubt that most of that 96 percent are new kids on the block. They dive in, make seven or ten or 20 poorly-conceived and ill-advised transactions, and get out of Dodge with their tails between their legs, never to be seen again.

Joining the four percent is not as difficult as it might sound, provided you use a reputable broker – there are a whole host of them on sites like trustedforexbroker.com. The real key is to adopt the right strategic approach to avoid disaster and get the optimum financial rewards.

Learn your trades

You won’t get anywhere unless you know what you are doing, and there are no shortcuts to a good education. You can find numerous Forex trading courses, both online and in colleges. Even if you are unable to fit a formal course into your schedule, at the very least read up on all the resources you can find till you are completely at home talking about pips, spreads and Bollinger bands. As well as getting to grips with the theory, you should also pay close attention to what is happening in the markets. This will give you a contextual understanding of the trends and volatility that influence changing prices.

Hone your skills

Congratulations, you understand the markets your head is loaded with buzzwords and you are now ready to join the four percent and start raking in the cash, right? Hold on one moment.

One of the most useful parts of any trading app is the demo mode facility. This provides the ideal platform to find out whether you are really ready to start trading for real. It’s a great way to develop your skills and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Keep track

Anyone from a management background will be well acquainted with the theory of continuous improvement. This is a philosophy that we can use in many areas of our lives, and it fits the world of forex trading like a glove. The underlying principle is to set yourself some goals, implement a strategy by which you will achieve them, then monitor how your performance actually compares with your expectations. By constantly refining the strategy, you can develop a virtuous circle that will bring the best possible returns.

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