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My $600 Ski Plan

Telluride a few years back. Run is called "See Forever"

Telluride a few years back. Run is called “See Forever”



We got a brochure in the mail this week from the Telluride ski resort about early bird discount cards and passes. We’ve kind of avoided Telluride for the past couple of years because it’s just so expensive to ski there, but is one of the nicest places you could ever want to ski, for beginners to double blacks. I”m not a well traveled skiier, but Jim has been all over Colorado, and he says Telluride is the best. Now that our daughter can ski, we are itching to go back. Even with the discounts, it will be around $600 if we go three times. It does sound crazy when you look at it that way, but my feeling is why would we live in a place like this and not take advantage of our surroundings?

Anyway, our challenge is to raise the $600 by mid November, outside of our regular income, so that it doesn’t affect our savings or investing goals. We could pull it out of savings, but where is the fun in that? Here is our $600 plan.

  • $150 Ebay and/or consignment sales ($58 this week already!)
  • $250 Yard work/landscaping, Jim
  • $100 Granny money-Yes, my mom sends money to our daughter randomly, and we already have this much saved up.
  • $100 Freelance writing- Yep, I’m giving it another try.

We’ll see if we get to go to Telluride!


Pauline at Reach Financial Independence is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a $397  Winning With Money course from Jason Hull.

Thanks to these wonderful bloggers who were kind enough to mention me this week. Lift tickets for all of you!


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What’s your challenge for raising money this month? Should we forget skiing and just build snowmen?

About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. I have never skied before, but I think that’s absolutely awesome and totally worth it. Heck, maybe your little one can even get in on the savings action and have a lemonade stand or something so she’s contributing to saving up to get there, too!

    • We were rounding up stuff to take to the consignment shop yesterday and she wanted to offer her contribution. She came out with a bunch of stuff that was mostly junk except for a baby Cinderella doll that I haven’t seen her play with for a while. I asked if she was sure she wanted to give up her baby, and she said yes. Then in the car, she asked to hold her. A few minutes later, she says that Cinderella is seeming pretty special right now. So we brought her home and she got a story read to her and tucked into bed that night. It’s like two steps forward, one back, but I never could give up my dolls or stuffed animals either. She did give up a Tinkerbell costume, so I guess that’s something.

  2. Every little penny I raise is going to the mortgage (Al Capone). Well, actually the pennies go in the kid’s piggy banks. The dollars go to Al. I’ve only sold one thing on Craig’s List this month but I’ve had some small design jobs and a nice size check come in from a consignment shop. Have fun skiing. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to take skiing.

    • We probably should put everything into the mortgage, but I’m not willing to wait another 4-6 years to ski. Ultimately if going on ski weekends means an extra month or two of mortgage payments, I’m fine with that. Now if our balance was really low, it might be easier to be LASER focused! I’m sure you’ll be taking down Capone before you know it.

  3. Skiing is such an expensive hobby. Living in Briton, we were never able to afford skiing growing up, so after I moved within a 2 hour drive from the alps last year, last winter was my first chance. And its addictive.

    Its still expensive here, but done the right way we can get a weekend skiing with hire, passes and accommodation all for around $150-$200.

    Good luck with your plan! When you are on the pistes, you’ll be pleased you made it!! 🙂

  4. I might be heading out to Denver for some skiing this winter. The flight is free and so is the housing, but we’ll probably have to get a rental car and we’ll have to get lift tickets. I haven’t figured out how we’re going to do that and still have money left over for food 😉

  5. I think it would be hard to live in colorado and not take advantage of that. I hope you raise the money!

    • It would be like living where you do but never going to the beach. Yes, you can ski the backcountry for free, but I’m not into hiking up in three feet of snow and needing an avalanche beacon.

  6. I love skiing! Some of my favorite times were spent on the slopes (mostly Mammoth, California), Even a long weekend is very relaxing.

    • Even though you are at a resort, I kind of feel like I’m really enjoying nature. There’s nothing like feeling on top of the world, unless it’s a run I am scared to ski down!

  7. That’s not so bad for a holiday getaway $600 and I’m sure you can save that no problem especially if you are saving money playing the grocery game wink wink… have a great weekend. P.S I’ve never went skiing in my life lol.

    • Ah, someday I will get back to posting on the grocery game. I just signed up for a new smartphone ap and have gotten back almost $5 cash back in addition to my regular coupons!

  8. Hey, Kim – Thanks for mentioning the giveaway that Pauline and I are having! I appreciate it!

  9. Fingers crossed you make your goal! Is it a seasonal pass where you can ski as much as you want for the whole season or do you just get the three times you mention? I lived 2 hours from the slopes and we used to go for a day in order not to pay hotel, it was a really long day especially for the driver on the way back but we got to go more often this way.
    Now I am trying to get enough online income to pay for 10 weeks in Europe and I am paying for my BF who paid the European trip last year so it is quite a stretch.
    Thanks for the mention!

    • A season pass is over $1000 each for adults, and it’s over an hour drive, so we would not go enough to make use of that. We would get what’s called a T-card for $69. It gives you the first day free and then 20% off each visit after that. We’d get a kid’s pass for our daughter. It’s only $175. They hook them young, so they can get more money later on. Best of luck on your income goal as well.

  10. I think this is an awesome goal, Kim, and I think it’s great that you guys are getting the cash from outside of your regular income. Our goal for this month is to make some extra to put towards credit cards. I’ve got a renewed fire to get rid of those blasted things!

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