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Diversity In Income: The Key To Sleeping Better At Night

having multiple streams of income

We all know how important diversity is in investments, but I also believe having diversity in income is just as necessary. Anyone who has ever lost a job would probably agree. While having an emergency fund can save people from disaster, having two or more steams of income could mean the difference between insomnia, stress, and having to take the first thing that comes along vs being able to take your time and find a better or more rewarding job or career. For me, diversity in income is the key to sleeping better at night. We Want You To Work, We Just Can’t Pay You I recently had some time to ponder the concept of diversity in income after one of my employers didn’t pay me for four months! I have a contract position with the federal government at an Indian Health Service clinic. Federal employees tend to have very stable jobs and regular benefits, but as a contractor, all bets are off. I submit a monthly invoice and generally get paid within two weeks, but it’s not uncommon for the payment to take a month. I’m used to that. However, some sort of glitch that no one can explain ...

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Upskilling Tips To Progress Your Career

job skills that progress career

Alison, 31, a Sydney-based print journalist, studied an evening course in broadcast voice training in the hopes of landing a radio reporting job. Hugh, 47, an anesthetist working in public hospitals in regional NSW, is studying effective corporate communications online to help secure an internal management position. Hannah, 26, lives in the Hunter Valley in rural NSW, and has returned to online study of a masters in primary school teaching; her degree in business hospitality provided limited opportunities for 9-to-5 employment. These three people are upskilling. They are developing their careers through training, with an eye to landing a specific position. Upskilling varies from strengthening day-to-day skills to studying a degree. Professional specialist bodies have increased standards in the past decade for training, certification and ongoing development; while human resources corporations such as Chandler Macleod offer ongoing upskilling services to keep employees at the top of their game, while also helping companies to minimize staff turnover. The availability of online degrees has made upskilling much easier than ever before, since the majority of the coursework can be completed from one’s home. Therefore, people who are stuck in a job without much room for advancement do not have to quit their job ...

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