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November Plans and Pearl Jam

Lizard Head Pass from my car window

Lizard Head Pass from my car window

Yay for Saturday. It has been a really busy month, and things seem to get more busy as we get closer to the holidays. Jim was out of town for work all last week. Let me tell you, being a single parent sucks. I’m not sure how many of you do that all the time. I, probably mistakenly, ┬áthink I do most of the work around the home, but it makes you appreciate what the other parent does when you don’t have that extra set of hands around. I’ve spent this week trying to catch up.

We got our ski passes and new boots and skis for our daughter at a ski swap last weekend. I spent $135 on equipment and made $157 from selling some of our old stuff. I’ll take a profit any day. Bring on the snow! (but only after we get home from our upcoming travels)

I am super excited that we get to indulge our former 1990’s selves this week when Jim and I travel to Ph0enix to see Pearl Jam, the best band ever. We are leaving the daughter with a friend. We’ve left her with Grandma before, but never with a non-family member overnight. I wonder what I might have to bribe her with to be good? I’m guessing a Pearl Jam t-shirt won’t cut it.

The following week, I have to work out of town the two days before Thanksgiving and then we are off to Denver to visit relatives. I am toying with taking the week off from blogging, but we’ll see if the Type A personality will let me. What are your plans for the rest of November?

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  1. When I take care of my niece who is 3 she is so impressed because she rarely sees me that she behaves impeccably. Maybe tell her a couple stories about how strict your friend is :)? Hope you guys have a blast at Pearl Jam’s concert.

  2. Hope you have fun at Pearl Jam! It sounds like you are off to a great winter season!

  3. You guys have a ton going on, but all sounds so wonderful! Enjoy all the activities! I love this time of year and the Christmas spirit. Just brings out my inner child…

  4. I can’t imagine being a single parent but my best friend he’s a single dad and it’s very tough for him. He does say that over time you get into a routine and that’s what saves him every day. Have a great week!!!

  5. A friend of mine knows Eddie-they hung out in Seattle together. Yes, I’m jealous too!! Have an amazing time at the concert.

  6. Pearl Jam!!! So jealous! I know what you mean about taking time off from blogging. I get that FOMO feeling too much to stop!

    • I really wish you could be there for the show. We could pull out our flannel, although I think Phoenix is going to be 80 degrees!

  7. Pearl Jam has to be one of my favorite bands of all time. I seen them back several years ago in Columbus and it was awesome. They don’t normally play all of their big hits at every show which kind of sucked cause I didn’t get to hear them do Alive but it was still awesome.

    • I don’t know whether I’m proud or embarrassed to say that I have about a million bootlegs and know all the songs by heart, even the obscure ones.

  8. Love the ski swap! Also, I am jealous you are seeing Pearl Jam, hope you have a great time!

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