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Being Bullied For Wanting an Alternative Lifestyle

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I have recently been following the story of one rural family and the challenges they’ve been facing while trying to live off the grid. The Nauglers are raising their ten children in rural Kentucky (without welfare or entitlements) in a makeshift tent with no running water or electricity. On their blog, they claim to want a more simple life and practice “unschooling,” prefering to let the children learn from hands on experiences rather than going the traditional school route. Obviously the state of Kentucky does not agree with the Nauglers because their minor children were taken into protective custody earlier this month due to unsafe living conditions. Is the family truly neglectful or are they being bullied for wanting an alternative lifestyle? Always More to the Story I don’t support or criticize the Nauglers. Is sounds like there are some legitimate concerns about the children’s safety, but they weren’t taken into custody because of neglect or abuse. The parents refused to cooperate, and the kids were removed until the anonymous complaint can be investigated. If nothing is amiss, the kids will be returned. The family can go on with their throwback lifestyle and all of this will become a bad ...

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