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Should You Pay to Date Online?

Should You Pay to Date Online?

Dating someone is an adventure of sorts. Each person has a chance to get to know the other, have some fun, and discover whether or not they are compatible.

But it can also be expensive. Just a single night out on the town can run anywhere from $40 to $100 if not more. If you go out more than once a month that’s a serious chunk of change. And there’s no guarantee you will find your match either.

If you have been thinking about joining an online dating service, be prepared to add even more to your dating costs. Signing up for a dating site could run you an additional $20 to $60 per month.

Is all of that expense worth it to find Mr or Mrs Right? Should you pay to date online at all?

Paying May Motivate You to Use It

Similar to gym memberships, some people sign up and pay for online dating and then never use it. However, if you do invest the money in a dating website you may be more likely to actually use it than not.

If nothing else, the guilt over paying for the membership and not using it could motive you to go out and have a little fun.

It’s an Advantage to the Socially Timid

There are several reasons for people to be a bit socially awkward when it comes to dating. It could be that they are timid by nature. Or, perhaps they were married for a number of years and are now divorced but out of practice.

Whatever the reason for people to have difficulty in finding or keeping dates, paying to date online is advantageous. It allows those who are a bit unsure of themselves to look for and find dates regardless of their confidence level and experience. For this reason, paying to date online can be worth it.

Not all Dating Profiles are Truthful

Of course, there are drawbacks to online dating. For instance, many daters lie on their profiles. They may knock off a few pounds of weight, add height, or even use pictures of other people instead of their own.

This deception is discouraging to those who would use online dating legitimately to find a partner or mate. Obviously this is not the fault of the dating site, but it does make it that much less desirable to use one.

Your Match Could be Married

Another unfortunate thing that sometimes happens with online dating is that you find out your match is actually married. Once again this is not the fault of the dating site, but it may prevent some from using such a service.

Some Dating Sites are Used by Predators

Sometimes sex offenders use dating sites to lure potential victims. Most dating sites screen for these types of predators, but that doesn’t guarantee one won’t slip through the cracks.

However, there are predators that are out to simply get your money. Having to guard your information and wallet so closely can deter some of the legitimate potential users from utilizing online dating services.

It’s true that dating can be fun as well as expensive. Whether you should pay to date online depends on your tolerance level of the disadvantages.

Have you ever used an online dating service?

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