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Kryptonite To The Yahoo Trolls

Response to Yahoo trolls

I read an article earlier this week about a couple who paid off $92,000 in debt in less than three years. As with many articles like this, it was featured on Yahoo Finance, the all star team for trolls. Once I got into the post, I was amazed to find that the couple who paid off this massive debt were both teachers from Tennessee. They achieved their goals by cutting back as much as possible and earning extra income, a tried and true formula anyone can use to get out of debt, even teachers! I could not think of a negative thing to say about this couple. I thought that maybe even the Yahoo trolls might have mostly good things to say. Alas, I was wrong. As I was reading through the comments, some made me laugh, some were totally irrelevant, and to be fair, more than a few were positive. As a fun Friday exercise, I wanted to bring some Kryptonite to the Yahoo Trolls* today and blow all their whiney excuses out of the water. I’ve listed some real comments from the trolls for your enjoyment. Stop Looking For The Easy Way Out “But having two secure incomes ...

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