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Americans Are Spending More In Restaurants Than In Grocery Stores

spending more eating out than on groceries

I came across this article last week  that said January 2015 was the first month that Americans are spending more in restaurants than in grocery stores. I guess I’m not surprised. It seems that whenever we go out to eat, the restaurant is always packed. Even in our small town, it seems there are tons of people eating out. The article took it as a good sign because it meant the economy was recovering, but I’m not so sure. Cost of Eating Out Versus Eating At Home While the yahoo article quoted one diner as saying he could eat cheaper at restaurants than at home, I think that’s misleading. In his case, he was talking about buying a good steak for $32 at the grocery store compared to ordering a steak for less at a restaurant. I’m not sure what kind of steak he was buying, but I don’t think groceries as a whole cost more than ordering out. I’m sure if all you buy is local, grass fed filet mignon and organic hand made potato chips from Whole Foods, you can rack up a pretty hefty grocery bill. However, shopping at a regular supermarket or discount grocer is not ...

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