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Soggy In Colorado


I think most of Colorado is soggy and gray today. Our area has not had flooding like those poor souls in the Boulder area, but we’ve gotten more rain that we usually get in months, and more is on the way. Please keep the flood victims in your thoughts this weekend. We usually seem to be in some sort of drought pattern and generally welcome moisture in any form, but we’re hoping for a bit of sunshine at the moment. If this isn’t your first visit to Eyes on the Dollar, you probably have noticed the new design. There are still a few minor changes that need to be completed, but so far, I’m really happy with the look. One of my 2013 goals was to get a site redesign, and it’s good to check that off the list. September has been a great month so far, and I hope I can keep learning and expanding my knowledge about blogging. It’s really fun to take something from the ground up and see it start to grow. In family news, we started swim team lessons this week with our daughter. Her group is called the Bubble Blowers, and they are pretty ...

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