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There are a lot of ways to get a handle on your money, especially online. I use a variety of tools and resources every day to make sure my money is safe, growing, and being used appropriately. I wanted to put together a list of recommended resources you can check out and use to make sure your money does its job! I will cover a large amount of money-saving, money-making, and money help sources to make sure you’re on the road to financial wellness.

I have used or tested all of these recommendations for you to make sure they are worth their weight and I’m sure you’ll be happy with any of them. Please note that I may receive compensation if you use/sign up for one of these services. This helps me fund this blog and make sure it stays running. I don’t know who uses them, only that they’ve been used and no information is passed back to me. Thanks for supporting Eyes on the Dollar if you use one of the links below.

My Favorite Recommendations

Here are the tools that I love the most and use regularly. With so many cools tools out there, I wanted to narrow it down to make sure you get the best tools and resources you can find. These are my favorites.

Personal Capital

This is by far the best money tracking app/site out there. It’s much like Mint.com, but it focuses more on assets like investments. It’s 100% free to use and you only pay if you start using Personal Capital to manage your investments (not required). I’ve been using it for a number of years and it helped me get out of debt and grow my net worth. Highly recommended! Here’s a detailed breakdown between Mint and Personal Capital.


Can you image saving money without having to think about it? That’s what Digit does for you and it’s all automated! You can read a review over on Debt Roundup about it. It’s a free app that looks at your spending and income and then saves a little bit here and there without you doing anything. I was able to save a few hundred in a month without lifting a finger and they have a 100% no overdraft guarantee. Check it out.


I love to earn cash back when I’m shopping and I think it’s must when you shop online. Why leave free money out there? I hate shopping without finding a coupon or cash back offer. That’s why I use Ebates. It’s a free, easy to use, website that gives you cash back when you shop at most stores online. They have a few browser extensions as well to give you more opportunities to save. It even gives you cash back at Amazon for certain categories. That’s huge. Oh, it’s completely free!


Are you an investor? If you are just starting out or just like easy investment practices, then you should try out Betterment. It’s classified as a Robo-advisor (learn more about robo-advisors) and they make investing much easier than any other service. You can start investing with them for as little as $25 and it doesn’t take much. You only need to know how much you can invest and then pick your risk tolerance. Their interface is awesome. It makes the complicated process of investing, uncomplicated. Most of my money is invested with Betterment. Here is one of the best Betterment reviews.

Republic Wireless

How much do you pay for wireless service? If it’s more than $100, then you’re paying too much. What if you could pay only $25 and data, text, and minutes to use? Republic Wireless changed the wireless game when they released a phone that offers Wifi calling. That means it uses Wifi around you to make/receive calls. They have plans as low as $10/month and their service is great. I’m a user and they have saved me so much each and every month. They even have a 30-day money back guarantee for the service and phone! Check out this Republic Wireless review for more information.

Rewards Credit Cards

I use credit cards for almost all of my purchases. They give me security and I earn some sweet rewards when I use them. There are so many great credit cards out there for rewards, but these are the ones I use to get some good rewards for travel and cash back!

American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

Want to earn 6% cash back at the grocery store and 3% back at gas stations? That’s what this card provides and is easily the best cash back card out there. The reason is it gives you cash back percentages much higher on two categories that are the higher expense categories for most households. You get 1% cash back on every other purchase. This is my go-to card for any grocery and gas purchases, earning me over $400 a year in two categories. Learn more about the Blue Cash Preferred card.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

This is probably one of the best travel rewards cards out there and one you should have if you like to travel. They have awesome bonus mile deals all of the time and earning rewards is easy. It was named the best travel rewards card by Money Magazine. You can get 50,000 bonus points when you first sign up, which is good for over $600. It does come with an annual fee though. Learn more about the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

BarclayCard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard

Another great travel card that makes earning travel rewards super easy. You earn 2x points on every purchase, so not category limits here. There is an annual fee and their sign up bonus isn’t as good as the Chase Sapphire card, but earning 2x points on every purchase is the easiest their is. You can redeem your travel points easily through your account and just apply the miles to any travel purchase. There is nothing easier than that! Learn more about the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard.

Want to Start a Blog?

If you’re interested in starting a blog, then you’ve come to the right place. I love blogging and it’s changed my life, but it’s not as easy as some say it is. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but it’s really easy to get started.

If you want to get started, please check out this “how to start a blog” guide for a step-by-step process.

If you need a web hosting company, I would only recommend a few places for you. Check out SiteGround or inMotion hosting. These two have great prices, awesome support, and have fast servers. You could go with lower-priced services like Bluehost, but you will get what you pay for, trust me!

If you’re not sure how to get started, then you’re also in luck. Here is a company that will do the setup/install for free!