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Renting vs Buying: The Financial Benefits of Each

renting vs buying

For years I was firmly planted on the side of thinking that buying was always better than renting. However after nearly four years as a homeowner, I’ve begun to question this line of thinking, especially now that I have the freedom to live anywhere I choose because I’m self employed and my business is entirely based online. However, there are financial benefits to both renting and buying that must be taken into consideration before you, or I, decide if renting or buying is best. Here are some financial benefits of both renting and buying a home. Length of Time The length of time you plan to live in a home or apartment should play into this decision. If you are only planning to live in the same home for a few years, it would probably be better for you to rent rather than buy a home. The financial cost of moving as well as closing costs, realtor fees, etc. need to be spread out over several years to make it worth purchasing a home. Compare the Payments When you compare the monthly rent payment you currently make to the mortgage payment you would be making on a home, don’t forgot there’s ...

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MAJOR Things You’ll Likely Forget when Finding Your First Apartment

You’re itching to start moving; you’ve turned a new page in your life, and you’re ready to get out there and do great things. The first item on your list will almost always be where you plan to live. That first apartment is a big investment. Through friends and family you’ll have heard enough advice of what to expect during the move and some ways to keep the costs low but there are always some things you’re likely to forget when finding the first apartment … The Right Help When Sourcing a Place You’ll want to work with an individual that is willing to take the time to get you the extra buck while finding you the best value for your budget. Get on the horn and begin calling around the local real estate agents and apartment finders in your desired area. Take a cruise through the neighborhood and pay attention for the signs. Ask friends and family if they’ve had experience with anyone that provides local help. You may also want to lay out your goals when you find someone in the apartment hunting process. These ideals such as active lifestyles, green living, future planning (such as kids), or starting a ...

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