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3 Inexpensive Ways to Reward Yourself this Holiday Period




This year has been one to remember. Your life has changed, punctuated by brilliant successes,

retrospective failures, and a few realizations that may still rock the boat of your self-concept as an

individual or professional. The passing of another 365 days demands each and every moment be

recognized and celebrated, and what better way to mark the events and non-events of the year than

a dose of inexpensive self-love? You don’t need to splash out on an island holiday or the latest big

screen TV, big ticket items (unless you’ve budgeted for them in the long term) won’t do much for

your financial health. Instead savor the small things in life, the lingering flavors and long balmy

nights, under a clear sky.

Learn How to Relax


Imagine this…You, a few friends, the calming sounds of waves pounding an abandoned beach or

spritely birds serenading you from the trees as you stretch to the sky and go through the motions

of a new yoga ritual. Yoga and Tai Chi aren’t extreme sports or competitive. You won’t find many

spectators chewing a hot dog on the sidelines or heckling participants, and that’s sort of the

point. Taking a break from your bent for leather life and attuning your physical needs with your

physiological state will strengthen your resolve in the coming weeks, re-center your energies and re-

invigorate your determination. There are a few different disciplines to choose from, though few will

break the bank! Do your research, experiment and enjoy!

Do Something Different


No, we don’t mean a financial review with Fox Symes, though the results can often be rewarding and financially invigorating.

While bungee jumping and sky diving are challenges rarely attempted by the faint of heart, the empty of wallet may have

to review new ways to seek that same adrenaline rush. Every location has its heart stopping caveats,

and while it may take a bit of creativity on your part, you can replicate the same thrills (or near

enough) than your daredevil counterparts. Height-phobics beware, rock climbing awaits you – if you

aren’t lucky enough to live near a natural wonder or two, don’t despair. The sheer face of a climbing

wall will still provide enough spills in the safety of a controlled environment. Claustrophobic? Get

lost in a maze of go snorkeling. The towering walls and pulsing squalls will have you breathless in no


Follow the Flavor Rainbow


Forget the Michelin star experience and dive into the aromatics of local eateries and cultural cafes.

We are blessed with a staggering range of taste sensations and dishes to delight in and low priced

corner stores are no exception. In fact, the less tables and chairs a place has, the more points

you’ll get for being experimental. At the very most, you’ll have a cracking story to tell your friends

and several plates of something to post on Facebook or Instagram. Start at one end of town and

challenge your friends to work their way into the interior with you – The more the merrier!

Whether you’re inspired by all of this budgeting talk to contact the FSA Group or positively scintillated by the idea

of being a roving food critic, doing something completely different to end the year with a bang (and not a thousand bucks)

will change your life, even in the smallest of ways. So what about you, any life changing scenarios

that don’t cost the earth? Let us know in the comments.

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Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.

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