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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #30-Pink is My Favorite Color

Holy PInk!

Holy PInk!

I spent most of my free time redecorating my daughter’s room this week. It is the pinkest thing you’ve ever seen. I think it might be illegal to have that much pink, but she loves it. Poor little thing has been sick all week, and we finally went to the doctor to find out she is positive for the flu. I guess she is in the 40% whose immunization didn’t work. Oh well, at least she has somewhere pink to hang out!

Nothing kills your grocery budget like a sick kid. I went to buy Gatorade and sugared cereal and a bunch of other stuff I though she might eat. I know in theory she isn’t going to starve before this illness passes, but the Mommy instinct to feed the baby bird is just too strong. I hope Mr. CBB doesn’t bring out the bamboo shoots!


John at Frugal Rules is giving away $100 for his six month blogiversary. Aren’t you supposed to get presents instead of give them? Anyway, I sure want to win.

Mandy at Money Master Mom has hosted a couple of very amazing giveaways where she donates a meal to a hungry child for every site visitor during that day. Keep a watch out for the next one. I think that is tremendous.

I am also co-hosting two giveaways:

$500 in cash from Rather Be Shopping

Cannon Rebel T41 DSLR Camera


The Money Mail Carnival-17th Edition


 Evolving Personal Finance liked my posts about taxes and selling out.

Life and My Finances mentioned my post about sequestration.

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is certainly not a sell out.

Frugal Rules was a fan of my post about graduate degrees and if they are worth the cost.

Fearless Men and The Wise Dollar liked a week in the life of an optometrist.

 Fun Search Terms

my emergency fund is full-Well send some on over my way.

afraid of paying taxes-Be more afraid if you don’t!

need glasses can’t see road signs- I would have to agree.

being rude to a guy does it turn him on-Depends on what you’re wearing, sweetie.

reason i love lexus car-You’ll be disappointed you landed here.

 Top Five 20/20 Posts of the Week

If You Could Rewind, What Would You Do Over at The Happy Homeowner. I try to use mistakes as life lessons, but if I could only rewind all the hairspray I used back in the 80’s…

The Axeman Cometh-Dealing With the Loss of a Job at The Wise Dollar. I’ve never seen a better response to losing a job. Staying positive and being proactive is how to move forward.

Shielding Children form Financial Struggles as a Single Mom at Single Moms Income. I think Alexa has a great plan for a difficult situation.

Taking a Holiday While in Debt at Reach Financial Independence. While Pauline is so smart that she’s never been in debt, she does a great analysis that takes the emotion out of whether to go on a vacation if you are paying off debt.

Drawing a Line in the Sand-A $37 Decision at Luke 1428. I’ve had those days as well, but Brian stuck to his guns and didn’t regret it later.

May you all have a pinkalicious weekend!

About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. Thanks for the mention Kim! I have a hard time being depressed, I guess it’s in my personality!

  2. Mandy @ MoneyMasterMom

    Thanks for sharing Kim, the next giveaway is on Monday so everyone be sure to visit 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t dare lol although I must say I’m happy to see the grocery game get more exposure lately. We have a couple of new posters which is great and once I get the new site up and running I’m hoping it will be a highlight of the blog. Helping others any way I can even if it’s to help them help themselves which the grocery game is all about for all of us. I wish my emergency savings was full, what a lucky bugger that person is haha. I also like the need glasses can’t see road signs lol. I’ll be posting mine today, it’s one of the highlights of my week going through the list. Cheers Kim!! P.S that is VERY pink!!

    • It makes you wonder what people are hoping to find when they do searches! The Grocery Game has certainly gone global. Take that Price is Right.

  4. oh that is a lot of pink! I hope she still loves pink two years from now. Thank you for the mention!

  5. Your daughter’s room gives me a craving for old fashioned Bubble Yum bubble gum =) Love it!

  6. “being rude to a guy does it turn him on-Depends on what you’re wearing, sweetie.” LOL! 🙂

    Have a great weekend Kim!

  7. Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway Kim! Do you want to come decorate our daughter’s room?! 😉 I am confident she’d love it. 🙂

  8. Great thoughts and roundup! Thanks for this, Kim. Have a great weekend.

  9. My girls love pink too! I never really tried to avoid or support the whole girly princess stereotype but they are just girly girls naturally!

  10. Always happy to give you a mention! Keep on writing!

  11. I’m sorry to hear your daughter’s sick. Chicken soup is insurance against the flu. Maybe it would help! Well, at least it would lead to a warm tummy if nothing else.

  12. Kim, I hope your daughter is feeling better, the pink had to help sooth! I will be in your shoes in a few years, as of now my nearly 3 year old daughter doesn’t have an opinion about her room, but that will all change soon, I feel certain! Looks cute though, she has good taste!

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