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September 2012 Goals

Molas Lake near Silverton, CO

September looks to be a very busy month. We are working like mad to get our rental property ready for by October 1. Vision Expo West is being held the same weekend as FinCon. It is the optometrist equivalent of the blogger conference, a bunch of nerdy professional eyeball people looking to possibly learn something and party like the age they think wish they still were. I also remembered that I have scheduled a yard sale later this month, mostly to sell old office furniture before the sale of my business.  I have a couple of other people joining me, so I can’t cancel. I usually do my best work when I’m severely overscheduled. We’ll see if I can keep all the plates spinning. Let’s take a look back at last month’s goals.

Blog Goals

1. Publish content at least four times a week until I have 30 posts done. Pass. I’ll keep this goal the same, but it will get harder because of the other things going on. Wish me luck.

2.Comment on at least five blogs each day, with three new ones per week. Blew it out of the water. I love doing this. I’ll also keep this one the same with the above caveats.

3.Learn at least one new thing on WordPress per week. I’d say I discovered some new things but am far from mastery. I need to learn how to do SEO.  There are great tips out there from Modest Money, Pelican on Money, and Curiosity Killed the Blog, but I just need more time to study. I’ll put it on hold for this month.

4.Get more stuff on Facebook and Google Plus. I’m figuring out Twitter, but the others need lots of work.

Financial Goals

1.Write a budget and stick to it. Fail. I probably won’t get one written out this month either, but I am trying to play the grocery game on Canadian Budget Binder. We’ll put the grocery/household/dog budget at $400 per month.

2.Continue to save as much money as possible for our first rental property. Deal closed. I will post updates on how the renovation is going. New goal is to get it rented by October 1.

3.Don’t buy any convenience store items. Fail. I have a confession. I am addicted to fountain sodas. I put 3/4 diet and 1/4 regular soda in there, and it is wonderful. I have tried to recreate this at home without success.  I don’t drink coffee, so I started this when my daughter was a baby and I never slept. I did cut back to about 3 times a week instead of 7. I’ll try for two times a week next month.

4.Keep Vegas spending to $400 or less. Lodging, food, and transportation will be covered by the business, so this is fun money. September 7th is our ten year anniversary.  We may see a show, go shopping, or gamble it away. I’m giving us this amount so we can enjoy ourselves. It is all from Ebay sales and credit card points, so it won’t affect savings. Agree or not, we need a break.

Life Goals

1.Limit myself to one diet soda per day, not from the convenience store. Fail, see above. I did limit to one a day.

2.Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables at least five days per week. Pass. I’d love to make this every day. There were some days I didn’t make it. On Wednesdays, I work in a satellite office with a long commute. I don’t have time to make my fruit smoothie on those days. If you don’t get one in the morning, it’s hard to  make five. I’ll keep this same goal for next month.

3.No eating out for the rest of the month. Fail. We got Domino’s on the day of our rental closing because we didn’t get done until after 5. We also ate lunch at Qdoba the day we spent 3 hours at Home Depot last weekend. I don’t regret either of those. I’ll set the goal at two times this month. We’ll have to be careful about planning because soccer starts this week, and that’s two late nights a week. It’s easy to go grab fast food if there is nothing cooked at home.

4.Let my daughter pick one fun thing to do on the weekends. We might get so caught up in this house we forget family time.

We’ll check back next month and see how I did.

Did you meet all your goals this month? Is it really possible?



About Kim Parr

Kim Parr is a private practice optometrist, freelance writer, and personal financial blogger. You can follow her journey to 20/20 financial vision at Eyes on the Dollar.


  1. You are doing great with the blog! I love seeing your comments over at my site, and I love commenting on your site as well. Sounds like you have a lot going on (looking forward to some posts about the rental property). I didn’t set any major goals for September, just continuing to try to post 5 times a week on my blog and comment on 5-15 blogs a day (and continue to meet other bloggers).

    • Posting five times a week is a huge goal. I have a hard time doing three posts and a weekend link. Rental update probably coming next week.

  2. Some great goals and good progress with Eyesonthedollar! Really looking forward to hearing more about your rental property 🙂

  3. I had a look at my goals yesterday but you gave me another perspective to look at and that’s my blog. I need to start making more goals for the blog so I can get it off the ground. As for the grocery game,if you had an opportunity to read Tuesday’s post you will see the difference this year has made to us simply by posting. Mrs.CBB are very happy with the progress as are many other posters. We look forward to your shops and are excited to have another player! Cheers Mr.CBB 🙂

    • I am looking forward to playing, and I believe just by posting that information, it will also keep me in check at the grocery store.

  4. Don’t worry about SEO too much. Just read a couple of posts on how to blog well and you’ll be on your way. Your grocery budget goal of $400 sounds great. I have yet to figure out how people are spending so little while I’m blowing $500-700 a month for 2.

    • Groceries are hard for us. We’ll see how I do on that one. I actually lowered it to $350 on the grocery game. $400 includes household stuff.

      • The most important part about posting is owning up to the grocery shop and understanding your purchases. We quit smoking in Jan of this year and noticed when we went shopping we were always craving something but that was the no smoking talking. We quickly nipped that in the bud before it got out of control. Every time we went we talked about crisps and we never ever buy crisps. We realized we did this often and that it had to be that we wanted something to replace smoking. We only noticed this because we knew we had to post and that we realized 1- it wasn’t on the list 2- we didn’t need it. Look forward to your shop. We now aim for $190 a month for 2 and we eat pretty darn good. Amazing when you cuy out the crap how much you actually spend. Mr.CBB

        • That is part of the problem, I think. People go shopping without any forethought and buy what sounds good. I have been guilty of this myself. I would love to eliminate some of the snack foods we buy but I think my husband might go into shock. We’ll maybe try to do it slowly. I have the best story for the next grocery game. You already have me really thinking because I have to be accountable.

  5. Don’t get too burnt out with posting and commenting! That can take a toll really fast.

    Good luck with the upcoming yard sale.

    If you need a budget, I’ve got a template on my site you can download in Excel.

  6. I’ve been tracking my goals for a little over a year now, and have only ever achieved them ALL one time. It blew my socks off, but I haven’t been able to do it again.

    Good luck. 🙂

  7. I think that trying to cut back on your soda is a great goal 🙂 My bf cut soda out of his diet almost completely (we indulge in perhaps 1 or 2 a month) and lost almost 15lbs, with no other changes in diet or exercise. Plus we saved a bit of money. It’s one of the health aspects of saving money that I tend to harp on, but only because it’s so true! Good luck!!

  8. Great list of goals, and I’ll also take this opportunity and say “Thanks for your comments @ FF”. You’ve been doing a great job thus far. Keep in mind that blogging is like a snowball effect, it starts small, takes a while to get the ball rolling, but once it’s rolling…ohhh it’s rolling baby! 🙂

  9. Wow- I don’t think I even have half these goals! 🙂 You sounds like you’re doing fantastic. And don’t try to do too much, too fast on blogging – as prevoiusly stated, it can burn you out.

    • I’m sure I’ll hit a wall, but so far it’s been fun. I am one of those people who goes all out or not at all. I thought I’d try just getting my feet wet at first but now I’m trying to swim the English Channel. I should have known.

  10. It looks like your blog is doing very well.

    I too am trying to get by on $400 a month on groceries but it isn’t easy.

    Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your trip to Vegas!! I love going there.

  11. I like your idea about learning one SEO trick every week. You should not write for the God Google, but ignoring almighty is not wise either. Over the time, your goal should be to get as much traffic from search engines — Google and Bing.

    I am impressed with your goals and commitment.

  12. Writing 4 articles per week is quite ambitious. Good luck with that. You have some really interesting goals and I’m sure writing them down publicly will help keep you accountable.

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