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Odds are if you are reading this blog you are interested in getting out of debt and/or making the most of your money. Here are some posts to get started depending on where you are in your financial journey.

Getting Out of Debt


Sad Happy Debt Story

Things I Could Have Bought With $30,000 Lost to Credit Card Debt

How We Paid Off $30,000 in Credit Card Debt

Staying Out of Debt

Avoiding the Impulse Buy: How to Buy New Stuff After Getting Out of Debt

Why Are You Still Broke?

Real Estate/Rental Property


Rental Property Series: Buying Our First Rental Property

The First Year of Owning a Rental Property

I Bought a Building This Week

Plans for Financial Independence


Financial Independence Day

Does It Make Sense To Pay Off the Mortgage Early?

Health Care/Eyeball Stuff


Health Savings Account 101

My Child Needs Glasses, Now What?

Does LASIK Surgery Make Financial Sense?


Surveys, Giveaways & Savings


Lowe’s Survey – Win $500

Walgreens Listens Survey – Win $3,000

J.C. Penny Survey – Win $500

All Others…


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